A celebration challenging our limits

I generally do not follow sports, but the Olympic games are something I eagerly await every four years. Because the Olympics are not just about the sport, the Olympics are a metaphor for the human condition in all its beauty and its perplexing contradictions. The fine performances we witness are a fruition of the persistence and focus of the athletes. It necessitates not merely both the physical prowess that we admire and cheer, but strong willpower as well. Long before the games are anywhere in sight, the battle for these champions begins. A fight to prove themselves equal to represent their country. A fight to better the best performances in history. We see the culmination of the efforts of generations of athletes constantly challenging their limits.

Who can forget the otherworldly elegance with Usain Bolt, who practically walked to the finish line and when Michael Phelps made a clean sweep in Beijing, China? Who can claim not to have been awe inspired by Nadia Comaneci’s perfect score in 1976? When we watch the Olympics it’s more than just another match, it’s a celebration of the heights that human potential can attain. The same potential we all have within our selves.

From Mr Priyavrata Rajasubramanya


Cheering for UAE and India

I am one of the proud citizens of India and a resident of the UAE. I will be cheering for both countries in the summer Olympics. I will cheer for Dipa Karmakar, our first qualified gymnast and I wish her a close fight. If she brings home a medal, it will be icing on the cake. I think we’ll get a medal in men’s field hockey, and I’ll be watching their progress closely. My all support for the UAE shooting team, which has got a good chance of getting a medal. My warm wishes to all the athletes of these two countries. Give your best and make your nation proud! I love you, UAE, and I love you, India!

From Mr Jos Cardozo


Supporting women

I think China will win the most medals and the Russian team will fight hard to regain the respect for the country following the doping scandal. I look forward to the opening ceremony highlighting the Olympic spirit in the sense of camaraderie between nations that goes beyond geopolitics. At a time where there are so many divisions and violence, the Olympic Games transcends politics and brings unity, celebration and the best in humanity. Firstly gymnastics, especially the floor exercises where they synchronise their performance with music and, secondly, any sports where women from the Middle East are participating as they often have less resources than their fellow competitors. I will cheer mostly for the underdogs, the lesser known sporting nations that despite a lack of resources have managed to gain entry to this prestigious sporting event. May the best athlete win!

From Ms Zoe Kaviani


More than just sports

The Rio Olympics are making everyone nervous ahead of the event. The craze has been seen all over the world for the Rio Olympics as it is going to be about more than just the sports. It’s the spirit, it’s the emotion!

With more than 10,000 athletes, 300 events and 42 sports, it’s going to be larger than life! Excitement has been seen in my country, India, as well as well for this biggest event of the world. India will be sending its finest 120 athletes for the various sports categories. I’m hoping our athletes will reach high stages and win maximum gold medals for our country. I am particularly looking forward to hockey and tennis as these two are in my top priority interest. Hockey is our national game, too! Tennis is my other favourite because of Leander Paes and Sania Mirza, these two are the gems of India. I’m hoping and praying that all the athletes perform their best and entertain the world! All the best Rio for the great event.

All the best to my country!

From Mr Jameel Ahmad


We love the vibes

The most awaited and anticipated month of this year is finally here. The Olympics is something my family and I wait for impatiently. It gives us a vibe of excitement and enthusiasm, probably because it occurs only once in four years. This year, I’m looking forward to watch my personal favourites, Michael Phelps, again as he swims his way to get all those medals in front of him. It is disappointing to know this would probably be his last Olympic event, but nevertheless, we could always hope!

From Ms Maniza Jalal


Making countries proud

The 2016 summer Olympics is the mega event of the year. Personally speaking, I will watch all games because I have a knack of supporting the sport instead of backing a team or a player, especially when it comes to a multi-event sport competition such as the Olympic Games. It is always a delight to see over 10,000 athletes taking part in sports. No one knows who will emerge victorious, who will claim the gold medal or which underdog country or athlete will make headlines. However, I will keep an eye on sports such as cycling, football and tennis. The Olympic Games bring about the spirit of sportsmanship and with it, the excitement to see athletes giving their best to claim a win and make their country proud.

From Mr M. Omar Iftikhar

Karachi, Pakistan

Seems corrupt

I may be one of the few to express this opinion, however, I will not be watching the Olympics nor will I be supporting any country or individual. I believe that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has become as corrupt as Fifa. We’ve seen bad choices for venues, the condoning of doping by not taking a stand and Brazil is currently not the best place to be holding a prestigious global event when there is so much poverty and crime. Add to this the issue of doping, the whole event has become a very good example of how bad the human race has become. As it seems that everyone seems to have forgotten the motto of the Olympic Games as: “It’s not the winning but the taking part that counts”. Sadly, how far away are we from that tenet? The sooner it starts, the sooner it will end, and that is what I shall look forward to.

From Mr David Woodward


Excited for the Olympics

It is a time of anticipation and excitement as India, my home country, and UAE, my home away from home, field their largest contingents to the Rio Olympics. From the Indian team, expectations are high on the 12-member shooting contingent, badminton, wrestling, tennis and archery team members along with boxing and the men’s hockey team all set to keep the Indian flag flying high at least a few times through their wins. Meanwhile, for the UAE it is all the more prestigious as there is a woman athlete representing the country in swimming along with the overall 13 athletes who will represent the country in six different disciplines like cycling, judo, weightlifting and athletics. Best wishes for the safe conduct of the event and let peace and harmony prevail with everyone enjoying the individual and team events.

From Mr Ramesh Menon

Abu Dhabi