A bright future

The UAE’s initiative of the solar rooftops for villas is a welcome alternative for decreasing power consumption (“Don’t know which solar panels to buy? Safaqat is the answer”, Gulf News, October 20). We welcome the solar energy source and hope to witness our cities transform and become sustainable in the future. The present pricing and the consumer procurements will need more push from the concerned authorities. Here, banks can play a greater role by offering initiatives to the customers by way of special rebates in their prices, or offer payments in instalments. Consumers have started thinking in terms of finding alternative sources because of the present increase in energy costs. While there are options available including wind, hydropower and more, I think choosing solar power seems like a more attractive option, because of the abundance in availability. Our non-renewable resources are declining and it is important for us to move towards renewable energy sources.

From Mr M. K Gunaseelan

Abu Dhabi

Track to better health

I have registered for the challenge (“12,000 join first workout of Dubai Fitness Challenge”, Gulf News, October 21). I attended the opening ceremony and participated in the Global Mala yoga session. I think this is a fantastic initiative by Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council. The array of events and classes will definitely get people into the open and on the path of being fit. I plan to participate and definitely spend 30 minutes every day for my wellbeing. Healthy citizens make a healthy country!

From Ms Bala Sadasivan


Everyone deserves food

The Dubai Municipality’s gesture of feeding 7,000 workers on the occasion of World Food Day (October 16), is commendable (“Thousands of workers savour free meals on World Food Day in Dubai”, Gulf News, October 19). A team of municipality officials and some students joined in to make the programme a great success. The main purpose of feeding people on this day is to make sure that many people, including workers, should get food. Places like factories where more workers are working should be concentrated on by sponsors, to make this event a great one. I applaud the Dubai Municipality’s noble gesture.

From Mr K Ragavan


The deed of kindness

It’s like different sections of people standing on two sides of a shore. Those who have everything won’t be able to know those who have less. Distributing food by the Dubai Municipality to mark World Food Day has been a good way to get many people to think and act upon this sensitive issue. Those who eat and waste will never be thinking of such a section of society who have little to enjoy. Such a move by the municipality may have opened the eyes of a majority of people to contribute to the deed of kindness.

From Ms Annie Rathi Samuel


Old versus the new

Congratulations to Ashish Nehra for his bold decision to not only quit international cricket, but also the Indian Premier League (IPL), to pave the way for youngsters (“Nehra calls time on his cricket career”, Gulf News, October 13). We wish him the best, and I hope he has a peaceful retired life after November 1. India’s present team lacks another left-hand batsman at the top. We miss Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina in India’s One Day Internationals and T20 teams. I hope the selectors are wise enough to bridge the gap.

From Ms Kavitha Srikanth


Nothing for the public

It is really shocking to know that political parties spend a lot of money on building special luxury buses for their leader’s comforts, whereas, the common man is struggling to drive through the battered roads and feels the absence of toilets in our villages. Why can’t these political parties spend their funds to build luxury buses, stupas, statues, memorials and more for the welfare of the common man? It is time the voters choose well educated people friendly candidates as their Members of Parliament.

From Mr N. Viswanathan


Winning streak

It is great to know that our Indian hockey team is eyeing another win against the Pakistani team in Dhaka. There is no doubt that our team is undefeated so far in this tournament. We should not get complacent, and must play for a draw to qualify for the finals. They should continue with their winning streak against Pakistan to qualify on a high, and win the Asia Cup finals. Keep up the winning streak.

From Ms Janaki Mahadevan


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