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The burning to death of Palestinian toddler Ali Dawabsha by Jewish colonists was the focus of newspapers in the region. The UAE’s Al Bayan newspaper said that the killing of Ali Dawabsha by colonists triggered a widespread response. But, practically speaking, this is nothing new because Israeli occupation forces have been committing acts of killing and burning for the past 60 years.

“The world witnesses these crimes unfold, and remains content with issuing condemnations, setting up committees and calling on all parties to remain calm. The world is acting selectively, because the major crime is that [Israel’s] occupation [of Palestine was allowed to continue] and millions of Palestinians were displaced. Israel will not stop pursuing its goals because it knows that some around the world will not care about its crime and that the response will eventually grow smaller. This [incident warrants] that all relevant Palestinian parties not turn a blind eye. [They must instead] complain to the International Criminal Court so that the world can see the true image of Israel.”

The burning to death of Dawabsha is, by all yardsticks, a racist and inhumane crime and is an indication of the growing fascism in Israeli society, Qatar’s Al Sharq daily noted.

“This murder is an extension of the continuous crimes over many decades against the Palestinian people. The heinous crime committed by Israel, which has struck a chord in the global conscience, calls for the international community, the Arab League, and all Islamic institutions and authorities to urgently take a strong and effective stand against the Zionist entity that has committed racist and fascist crimes against the Palestinian people. The murder is a blot on humanity, and one that must jolt the people of the Arab world to take a historic stand against these crimes that have crossed all [red] lines and defy all norms.”

Commenting on the incident, Oman’s Al Watan said that Israeli colonists would not have burnt and murdered the Palestinian infant and [destroyed] his family’s home unless they felt that they had the power to do so.

“The crime was committed because these colonists were certain that there would be no response from an absent authority and the defenceless Palestinian people. Meanwhile, the West bank has turned into a large gathering area for colonists who are always armed while the Palestinian security services are hunting armed Palestinians, even those who carry knives. History will not be kind to an authority that cracks down on its own people the way the Palestinian [National] Authority does instead of providing its people with protection. If the authority is powerless to do so, then why not give the people the choice to do what they think is right? The people, after all, know what they want and are well aware of their capabilities, which have often unnerved Israel.”

Palestine’s Al Quds said that the Israeli intelligence services announced that they had uncovered secret documents pertaining to the burning of mosques, as well as plans to burn homes in the wake of the Palestinian infant’s murder.

“On Monday, it was reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is convinced that it has to carry out an administrative detention of Jewish terrorists. Many analysts are wondering whether the Israeli government is truly waking up [to the danger] or whether this is simply another attempt to quell the anger resulting from the actions of Jewish extremists. However, what is required is to actually carry out the aforementioned administrative detention. [Israel has since jailed a Jewish extremist for six months without charge or trial]. This calls for reconsidering Israeli practices that create a suitable environment for such extremist and racist actions, starting with halting Israel’s colony-building activities and seriously dealing with requirements for the peace process, establishing a Palestinian state and achieving stability.”