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UAE voices concerns about US plan on occupied Jerusalem

Step, if taken, will be significant contradiction of principle of final status negotiations

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Abu Dhabi: The UAE yesterday voiced its deep concern over reports that the US Administration intends to recognise occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem.

“This step, if taken, will be seen as a significant contradiction of the principle of the final status negotiations. It violates international resolutions that emphasise the historical and firm rights of the Palestinian people regarding [occupied] Jerusalem, which cannot be changed, nor can this attempt impose a new reality,” Ahmad Abdul Rahman Al Jarman, assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for Legal Rights, said.

Al Jarman said the step, if taken, would constitute a fundamental change, and an unjustified bias in the United States’ neutral stand, at a time when the world looks to the US to work on achieving the desired progress in the peace process.

He warned of grave repercussions of the step, which will further complicate the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and thwart the ongoing efforts to revive the peace process.”

“This step will also incite Muslim sentiments all over the world given the great importance and the pivotal status of [occupied] Jerusalem,” Al Jarman noted.

He reiterated the UAE’s unwavering position regarding the city, and its firm support of the Palestinian people obtaining their legitimate rights and establishing an independent Palestinian state with Occupied East Jerusalem its capital.