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Lahoris look forward to travelling on metro

The train service is due to take final shape at least before the next elections in Pakistan

Image Credit: AFP
Pakistan and Chinese staff of Lahore Orange Line MetroTrain pose the thumbs up during the unveiling ceremony of the first set of carriages of Lahore Orange Line MetroTrain in Lahore. Over 200 000 people will able travel daily after the project will be completed.
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Lahore/Islamabad: Residents of Lahore and adjoining areas have warmly welcomed the first stage of the launch of Pakistan’s metro train service in the home town of the Sharif family.

“I have travelled in metro trains in the UAE and China, which is why I am so excited that this developed transportation system is finally coming to Pakistan as well,” said Amna Humair, an engineer from Lahore. “I will definitely opt to travel by metro train rather than taking my own car so I can travel tension-free in a safe and nice environment. I can even read a book on my way to work.”

 This is a big development for Lahore and a great achievement for our country. With accomplishments like these, Pakistanis will be motivated to stay in Pakistan.”

 - Farzana Kausar, Businesswoman 

Another resident from Lahore, Mian Majid Hussain, who lives far from main Lahore city and had to spend several hours to reach his office, welcomed the move. “It took me at least 2.5 hours to reach my work place in main Lahore city. The traffic, heat and pollution make thing unbearable,” Majid said. “I am really looking forward to the opening of the Lahore Metro Train service as the previously-launched Metro bus provided some relief to Lahoris but the train will be able to accommodate hundreds of people at a time.”

 This is an ambitious, unprecedented project that will inspire other cities like Karachi to launch their own metro. The public will immensely benefit.”

 - Shabbir Merchant, Businessman 

Majid termed the launch a big success for the Punjab Government while other provincial governments, including Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government, had failed to launch any impressive transport services in their region.

 This is the right step in the right direction. Although there were some initial concerns regarding the project, in the long run it will really be beneficial for the masses.”

 - Irfan W Malik, Banker 

There is no doubt that credit goes to the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, brother of the recently disqualified Prime Minister of Pakistan, and people in Punjab see the initiative as highly remarkable.

 The government has taken the right decision to undertake this project. It represents a positive image of Pakistan to the world.”

 - Amjad Iqbal Amjad, Businessman and poet 

The train service is due to take final shape at least before the next elections in Pakistan. “If you count it in terms of coming elections, it would certainly give a mileage to the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Party (PM-N) and particularly to Shahbaz Sharif who has been serving as Chief Minister since 2013,” says a local journalist Saqlain Naqvi in Lahore.

On social media, those from Lahore and Punjab reacted warmly and welcomed the move, but people from other regions argued that “Pakistan needs health and education service more than anything else and that is where the government’s priorities should lie.”