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Paid parking meter in Sharjah. Image Credit: Photo: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: If you are a Sharjah resident or have incurred a traffic fine while visiting the Emirate, you may be confused about where you must pay your fines. This is because dedicated local government authorities oversee different aspects of transportation in the Emirate.

So, depending on whether you have a fine for speeding or improper parking you would need to visit different authorities in the Emirate. Here is all you need to know.

Parking fines – Sharjah Municipality

All parking fines in Sharjah must be paid to Sharjah Municipality. Whether you have a parking ticket for overstaying your paid parking or for parking in an illegal parking space, you can pay your fines through the Sharjah Municipality website – – or by visiting a Sharjah Municipality customer centre.

1. How to pay online:

Here are the steps to pay your fines online:

1. Visit this link: and enter your vehicle information, like your car plate number, source (Emirate where the car is registered) and category (private, company or rental). Then, click the ‘search’ button.

2. If there are any pending fines in the Sharjah Municipality database, the amount and the violation will show up.

3. Next, enter your contact details, such as your email address and mobile number.

4. After that, pay the amount for the parking violation online through the Sharjah Municipality website.

5. Once you have paid the fine, you will receive the confirmation SMS and email.

2. How to pay through a Sharjah Municipality Customer Centre

If you opt to pay your fines in person, you must visit the Public Parking Department in Sharjah City Municipality building near the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. You will once again need to provide your vehicle details in order to pay any pending parking fines.

Location of Public Parking Department, Sharjah City Municipality.

Traffic fines – Sharjah Police

If you have a speeding ticket or have jumped a red light, you will have to pay your traffic fine to Sharjah Police. There are different ways in which you can settle any outstanding fins.

1. Online:

To pay a traffic fine online, follow these steps:

1. Visit and click on ‘Traffic and licencing services’.

2. Then, click on traffic fines and click the ‘start service’ button.

3. Fill in the mandatory information, which is either your Traffic Code (TC) number vehicle plate number, licence details or chassis number.

4. Next, click the ‘show fines’ button.

5. If there is a traffic violation, the fine will show up on the website and you must settle the fines online.

2. At a police station

You can also pay a traffic fine by visiting a Sharjah Police Station. To find a station near you, visit this link:

3. Through the Ministry of Interior (MOI)

Sharjah motorists can also pay their fines through the MOI website –, the official app – ‘MOI’, which is available for Apple and Android devices or by visiting an MOI service centre.