Silver nol card
Here are the basic dos and don’ts when it comes to using your nol card. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: With the nol card you can pay the fare for the Dubai Metro, bus, public parking, taxi or other modes of public transportation, with a single tap. But it is important to use it carefully, as some cases of misuse or incorrect use of a nol card can lead to fines.

Here are the basic dos and don’ts when it comes to using your nol card.


7 dos and 5 don’ts to keep in mind, when using your nol card


1. Keep your nol card in a protective pouch, to prevent damage to the microchip inside the card.

2. Don’t forget to tap your nol card at the end of the trip to check-out, to get an accurate charge.

3. Make sure your nol card has a minimum balance of Dh7. If it is a two-way trip, then you must have a balance of at least Dh15.

4. Make sure your nol red ticket has a minimum balance for one single trip. You can check this with the agent who gives you the card.

5. If your nol card is rejected at a reader, wait until the indicator light stops flashing, then try again.

6. If you lose your blue nol card, call the RTA customer service at 800 90 90 to report the loss immediately. To find out how to report a lost nol card, click here.



1. Do not hold more than one nol card over a reader at one time.

2. Do not remove your nol from the reader too quickly as it can lead to an incomplete transaction. If the reader does not complete the transaction, touch the same nol card again on the card reader, until the transaction is completed.

3. Do not bend, write on, scratch, tap, cut or paste stickers or photos on your nol card.

4. Do not put your nol card in your back pocket, as the microchip on the card can be damaged when you sit down.

5. Do not allow another person to use your nol blue card.

Four nol card violations and fines

According to Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), here are the fines related to nol card violations:

1. Failure to present the nol card upon request – Dh200.
Using a card designated for others – Dh200
3. Using an expired nol card – Dh200
4. Using an invalid nol card – Dh200