Sharjah paid parking Buhaira Corniche
Paid parking zone in Sharjah's Buhaira Corniche area Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Even if you are waiting in your car parked in a public parking lot, you still have to pay for parking, according to Sharjah City Municipality.

Just because you stopped to pick up a food order or drop something off, you still have to pay the parking fees for usage of the space.

According to an online post put up by the municipalbody on Thursday, motorists waiting in vehicles will get fined if they fail to pay for, or renew the parking ticket.

The fine for not paying for public parking in Sharjah is Dh150, and failing to renew the parking ticket after it has expired is Dh100.


Parking fees in Sharjah

According to Sharjah Municipality, these are the public parking fees in the Emirate:

• One hour: Dh2
• Two hours: Dh5
• Three hours: Dh8
• Five hours: Dh12

How do I pay for parking in Sharjah?

You can pay for public parking in Sharjah through three ways:

1. Electronic parking machines
2. SMS Parking
3. Digital Sharjah app

1. Electronic parking machines

If you opt to pay for your parking through a parking machine, you need to enter your car number plate and choose the duration for the ticket on the screen and pay for the parking.

Next, the machine will print the ticket. You must display the parking ticket on your car’s dashboard. If you do not display the ticket, it results in a Dh150 fine.

2. SMS Parking

Send a message to 5566 with the following text:

<Plate source> <Plate number> <Number of hours>

Plate source: This is the Emirate where your car is registered. Use the following codes, depending on the Emirate:

• Abu Dhabi: AUH
• Dubai: DXB
• Sharjah: SHJ
• Ajman: AJM
• Umm Al Quwain: UAQ
• Ras Al Khaimah: RAK
• Fujairah: FUJ

3. Digital Sharjah App

Download the Digital Sharjah app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and follow the steps below:

1. Open the app, and tap on ‘transport’ under the services category on the homepage.

2. Next, click on the ‘Pay public parking fees’ service.

3. Tap the ‘start’ button and enter your mobile number and vehicle number plate and code.

4. Next, select the duration and pay for the parking fees online by entering your credit/debit card details.

Parking fines in Sharjah
1. Failure to purchase and display parking ticket - Dh150
2. Exceeding time limit or overstaying - Dh100
3. Obstructing movement in parking lot and exposing other motorists to danger - Dh200
4. Misuse of ticketing machine, instructions panel, or any parking facility - Dh500
5. Parking in people of determination parking spots - Dh1,000
6. Reservation of a parking space without a licence - Dh1,000
7. Washing cars in a public parking area without a licence - Dh500
8. Parking in a reserved parking space - Dh1,000

When is parking free in Sharjah?

Public parking lots in Sharjah are identified by a yellow and dark blue signboard and parking is paid from Saturday to Thursday, 8am to 10pm. Parking is free on Fridays.

However, there are certain places that have paid parking throughout the week in Sharjah. These places will have a yellow board with a blue sign underneath it, stating that parking is paid throughout the week in the area, including on public holidays.