Commuters in Dubai can get real-time information about bus timings through SMS from Dubai's Road and Transport Authority (RTA). Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: If you are in a hurry to reach work and don’t want to miss the bus, you can quickly receive the arrival timings for the buses at your station via SMS, through a dedicated service offered by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

The SMS service was launched by the RTA in 2012 and it helps commuters get real-time information about bus timings from the Wojhati service – which is an RTA service that provides timetables of public transportation routes.

Although the timetable of buses is available at bus stops in Dubai, if you are on your way to the station, you can check the schedule of the buses that are about to come to the stop, as long as you have the bus stop ID with you. This can be helpful if you do not have internet access to use the RTA’s S’hail app, which helps public transport users plan their journey through updated transport schedules.


1. Make a note of the bus stop IDs of the bus stops you use

If you regularly take the bus from a stop close to your office and home, note down the IDs of these bus stops. You can find the bus stop ID at the sign board next to the bus stand. If you use the Metro, and then need to take a feeder bus to your final destination, you will find the bus stop IDs on the Metro station’s information board, under the ‘Legend’ section.

Bus stop ID
Bus stop ID Image Credit: Zainab Husain/Gulf News
You can also find the bus stop ID on a Metro station’s information board
You can also find the bus stop ID on a Metro station’s information board Image Credit: Zainab Husain/Gulf News

2. Send an SMS to 5223

When you need the arrival schedule of buses to your station, send an SMS to the number 5233, with the following format:

• Type the letter, ‘D’, followed by a space and bus stop ID.
Example: 'D 537002'

Within a few seconds, you will get an SMS from Wojhati, providing you with the timetable for the buses that are going to arrive at the stop. For example, if you sent an SMS at 9.30 am, you will get the bus timings after 9.30 am.

Standard SMS charges of 30 fils would apply if you use this service.

Have internet access? Use the S’hail app instead

Alternatively, you can also use the S’hail app from RTA, which is a navigation tool that provides commuters with the route’s details including the duration and fare of the trip as well as the arrival and departure schedule of the bus, Metro, or water transport that you wish to take.

To only get the departure timings of buses, follow these steps:

• In the S’hail app, tap on the three lines on the top left of your mobile screen, which is the app’s menu section.
• Next, tap on ‘Departures’ and enter your bus stop ID.

You will then find the complete list of the bus schedule for your bus stop. The service on the app is free of cost.

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