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Dubai: If your employer requires you to get your sick leave applications attested, you can now access the service entirely online through the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s (MoHAP) official website:

The smart service provides attestation of sick leaves and medical report certificates, of both private and governmental health facilities.

MoHAP announced its new service on Thursday, February 17, through its official social media accounts. Users can also request the review and approval for longer medical leaves, which is done by a medical committee.

When does a sick leave require approval by a medical committee?

According to MoHAP’s website, a sick leave exceeding five days needs to be reviewed and approved by a medical committee.

How much does it cost?

The service fee for the attestation of sick leave of five days to a month is Dh50, and applicants will have to pay for the fee's amount via the smart payment gateway, on the MoHAP site

Required documents for sick leave attestation

Depending on the duration of your sick leave, you will need to provide the following documents:

For a sick leave for five days or less:

• Original sick leave certificate

• Emirates ID copy

Sick leaves above five days or a month

• The payment of the sick leave attestation fees and the original sick leave certificate.

• Emirates ID copy

Sick leave exceeding one month:

• This requires the approval of a medical committee.

• A receipt of the paid attestation fee issues by MoHAP in the first stage.

Medical leave requirements for applicants in each Emirate

As per MoHAP’s website, the rules for attesting sick leaves is different for each Emirate:

Sharjah and Northern Emirates

In Sharjah and the other Northern Emirates, the sick leave must be attested electronically by the health facility, which carried out the treatment.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, residents can upload the sick leaves issued by medical establishments online, through the 'Attestation of Medical Leaves and Reports' on MoHAP's website.

How to apply for the service

To access this service online, you must create an account on the MoHAP site.

Then, visit this link:

Click on the ‘Start Service’ tab and upload the necessary documents:

• Emirates ID

• Medical Report

• Sick leave issued by the health centre.

Then pay the required amount, which is Dh50.

How long does the process take?

For online applications, it takes two working days.

A sick leave of more than one month will take five working days to get the approval of the medical committee.