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Dubai: If you have been busy frying tasty snacks for iftar this month, you may have gone through a significant amount of cooking oil in the process.

However, if you have been pouring the used cooking oil down the drain, think again – even though the oil is liquid, it can still end up clogging your drains.

In a public service announcement issued by Dubai Municipality on April 12, residents were given a simple tip to ensure they don’t end up wasting more money on de-clogging their kitchen sink drain.

Pour it in a bottle

Instead of disposing the oil by pouring it down the drain, Dubai Municipality urged residents to pour it into a bottle instead.

They can then throw the bottle in the garbage bin, according to the advisory by the municipality.

Meanwhile restaurants in Dubai have been asked to collect the used cooking oil in ‘oil traps’ and send it for recycling.


Residents in Sharjah can also choose to recycle their used cooking oil. The new service was launched by Bee’ah Tandeef in December 2021. If you are a Sharjah resident, here is how you can use the service:
1. Call 800 TANDEEF (826333) to receive a bottle, which you can use to store used cooking oil. The bottle has a capacity of one litre.
2. Once the bottle is full, you can visit the recycling station at Sharjah National Park and deposit it. The machine will also dispense a new empty bottle which you can then take with you, to store used cooking oil.
3. Alternatively, you can also call 800 TANDEEF (826333) to schedule a time for the waste management service to pick up the bottle from your location.

Once collected, Bee’ah Tandeef will turn the waste cooking oil into biodiesel.