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Dubai: If you are involved in an accident or are in any other emergency in Dubai, a single tap on the Dubai Police app can help you alert the police.

In a press conference on Wednesday, October 19, Dubai Police unveiled new features and services to its updated smartphone application – ‘Dubai Police’, which is available for Apple and Android devices.

These features include a special SOS distress signal for women and children in danger or for people involved in severe accidents.

Here is all you need to know about how the new Dubai Police app will help residents and visitors.

Four new features on the Dubai Police app

1. Crash detection
2. Assistance for women and children
3. 'Police Eye'
4. 'Sail Safely'

1. Crash detection – Automatic SOS signals sent out during severe traffic accidents

The new version of the Dubai Police app will detect severe accidents, such as car collisions, and send out an automated distress signal (SOS).

Also, the app will send push notifications to users if there are any temporary street closures and major traffic accidents. If an accident leads to temporary road closure, it is reported to the Command and Control Room or police patrols. Road users will be notified via the Dubai Police app so they can seek alternative routes and avoid congestion.

2. Assistance for women and children in distress – SOS button

The new update also includes a special SOS button for reporting abuse or crimes against women and children. In addition, women and children can send an SOS to Dubai Police via the app during an emergency.

How to send an SOS signal on the Dubai Police app

1. Open the app, go to the homepage and tap on 'Protect Child and Woman'.

2. Once you tap on the service, slide the SOS button to the right.

3. ‘Police Eye’ - Reporting suspicious activities

If you witness a crime or any violation related to public disturbance like brawls, alcohol or drug trafficking, addiction, or any other suspicious activity, you can report it through the 'Police Eye' service.

How to use the Police Eye service:

1. Open the app and tap on the green circle on the bottom of your screen, titled, ‘Police Eye’.

2. You will find four categories to choose from:

• Traffic reports
• General reports
• Human trafficking
• Protect children and women

Select the category that is relevant to the violation or issue.

3. The app will detect your location, or you can manually enter the location details.

4. Enter the details of the report. You can also add a video or picture as additional evidence.

4. Sailing or going on a yacht? Use 'Sail Safely'

The Dubai Police app also has a 'Sail Safely' service. Before you head out to the sea, you would need to download the Dubai Police application and activate the 'Sail Safely' service, which can then help you stay safe throughout your journey.

According to Dubai Police, the 'Sail Safely' service helps people in the following ways:

  • Track a cruise's journey.
  • Warn users about any delays during the trip.
  • Identify hazards.
  • Send distress requests directly to Dubai Police.
  • Facilitate rapid emergency response.
  • Determine the location of those in distress as well as the type and degree of distress severity.

Additional features

At the conference, Dubai Police also announced that the app now supports seven languages: Arabic, English, Russian, German, Chinese, French and Spanish.

Along with new smart services and language options, the Dubai Police app also includes a feature for visually impaired people – a ‘reading camera’, which allows users to take a picture and hear the text that exists in that picture.