Sharjah Aquarium
Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: Summer has officially started in the UAE, and if you are wondering how you will be able to keep the family entertained during the school break, here are five fun things you can do in Sharjah.

1. Sharjah Aquarium

Sharjah aquarium
For a family experience, try timing your visit with a scheduled fish feeding time or talk. Image Credit:

Want to explore marine life as it swims around you? Sharjah Aquarium is a great budget-friendly place to go to. The aquarium has 20 tanks that recreate different local aquatic environments, from coral reefs and rock pools to lagoons and mangroves and an indoor walkway allows close-up viewing of the marine animals.

Ticket prices: Dh25

Location: Sharjah Aquarium is in Al Khan Old area. As you enter Sharjah on the E11 highway, take the exit on to Al Khan Road/Al Majaz area. Drive straight as you pass the Al Qasba development to your left and take a left from the Burj Square roundabout, to reach the aquarium.

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2. Arabia’s Wildlife Centre


Arabia's Wildlife centre Arabian wildlife centre sharjah desert park
Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

If your children enjoy going to the zoo, this is an indoor experience that will let them see flamingoes, baboons, cheetahs, and leopards, in a temperature-controlled environment. Arabia’s Wildlife Centre in Sharjah is a conservatory turned edutainment centre and one of the largest homes for rare animals in the Arabian Peninsula, including the Arabian Oryx, the UAE’s national animal, and the Arabian leopard, the region’s famous big cat. It is part of the larger Sharjah Desert Park, which has a Natural History Museum, the Children's Farm, and the Islamic Botanical Garden.

Ticket cost

Children under the age of 12 enter for free.
Tickets for those above the age of 12 years – Dh21.50

This ticket is for the Sharjah Desert Park, so you will also be able to visit the other locations in the park with the same ticket.


Weekdays – 9am to 5.30pm
Friday – 2pm to 5.30pm
Saturday and Sunday – 11am to 5.30pm
The park is closed on Tuesdays

How to get there

By bus: If you are coming from Dubai, you can take the E311 bus, which departs from the Al Qusais bus station and get off at the ‘Awir CMC’ bus stop. From there, you can take a taxi to the park, which will take approximately 24 minutes.

By car: Sharjah Desert Park is located off the E88/S128 highway (Al Dhaid Road). After you pass the Sharjah Cement Factory to your left, take the exit for Siyouh Suburb/S151. You will arrive at a roundabout. Take the fourth exit on the roundabout and continue on Interchange no. 9, which will then lead you towards the Sharjah Desert Park.

3. Rain Room

Rain Room in Sharjah
Visitors to the Rain Room in Sharjah can enjoy a rain-like downpour — without getting wet. The surreal experience is made possible by motion sensors that hold back the nonstop ‘rain’ where visitors stand or walk. The arrangement means you are continuously, and closely, surrounded by falling water wherever you are and wherever you move inside the installation, located besides Al Majarrah Park, off Al Sharq Street. Tickets are priced at Dh25 for adults and Dh15 for kids and students. Image Credit:

Missing the rain during the summer months? You can walk through a downpour of water without getting wet at the Rain Room, a modern art installation. The responsive environment follows visitors as they navigate the darkened underground space, preventing the rain from falling directly above any detected human presence. The experience lasts for 15 minutes.


- Adults: Dh25
- Students: Dh15 (up to 22 years, ID required)
- Teachers: 15 AED (ID required)
- Children: Free admission up to five years of age
- People with Disabilities and one companion: Free admission

Opening hours:

Saturday to Thursday: 9am to 9pm
Friday: 4pm to 10pm

How to get there

The Rain Room is in the Al Majarrah area. Take the Al Sharq Street and after you pass the Rolla area, the Rain Room will be to your left, next to the Al Mujarrah Park.

4. Sharjah academy of astronomy, space sciences and technology

harjah Academy for Astronomy, Space Sciences and Technology planetarium
The SASST planetarium includes a giant star projector, which allows for the display of a huge number of stars - exceeding 10 million stars.

With a planetarium and observatory, this centre is a great place to visit if you want to introduce children to outer space and the universe. The centre organises many astronomical, physical, and educational events that are suitable for different age groups, in addition to hosting many exhibitions.

Ticket prices:

Dh50 for visitors aged 13 years and above
Dh25 for children from the age of four to 12 years.

How to get there

The centre is in the University City area of Sharjah. Take Maleha Street (S112) and head towards the University City. Once you reach the University City, follow signs for the Sharjah academy of astronomy, space sciences and technology.