Kirsty, in collaboration with LLL, created the 2011 calendar, which serves to raise awareness of the importance of breastfeeding. Image Credit: Supplied picture

For Kirsty Larmour, Abu Dhabi has always been a special city. Its vibrant culture and contemporary trends are just some of the factors, which endeared the emirate to her particularly because she is a passionate photographer.

"I've been photographing for a long time. After the birth of my two kids, taking pictures of children became my passion. I love capturing real moments, treasured pieces of childhood and connections within families - some of these are all too fleeting and easily missed in our hurried lives these days."

When Larmour, a British expat, arrived in Abu Dhabi about four years ago, she was expecting her second child. She joined the La Leche League (Milk Maids campaign), a support group, which emphasises the importance of breastfeeding. "La Leche League (LLL) supported me at a very important period in my life. I was living in a foreign country and LLL provided me with a lot of support with regards to [feeding and childcare]."

Keen to raise awareness on the importance of breastfeeding, she decided to collaborate with LLL to create a 2011 calendar, which would help spread this important message. What Larmour focused on was the unique bond between mother and child.

As a photographer who loves highlighting relationships, this was the best opportunity to showcase her craft, she says. She discussed style and clothing at length with the models. "The models were fantastic and all rose to the challenge of making sure the photos were subtle and tasteful," she says.

"For me it was a way of giving back. Instead of just making a financial donation to the organisation, I was able to give my time and creativity, which also helped to raise awareness of the organisation in UAE."