Vatika Voices gave the opportunity to 1,000 women to participate in a 4-day boot camp involving more than 25 hours of online courses in their business fields of choice, providing participants the required tools to empower them in fields as varied as fashion and technology to sports and F&B

Her dreams, her world, her wings; women today are cognizant of leading a meaningful life by pursuing goals, honing talent, and carving a niche. The woman of substance is unstoppable with her burning desire to excel and courage to beat all odds. And what happens when an accelerator fuels their dream journey, is nothing short of an incredible example of passion meeting perseverance.

Vatika Voices, a unique campaign designed by the leading haircare brand, Vatika, is helping Arab women live up to their dreams and find their voices. Together, they are on a mission to empower women across the GCC and MENA regions, to live their natural best and pursue future goals with the help of skill enablement courses.

Women in the Middle East are already redefining boundaries and opening up to a new world of endless possibilities. From being an entrepreneur, an artist, a model, and a financial planner to mapping newer territories in tech, sports, and F&B, women have shattered many glass ceilings with conviction and grace. With Vatika Voices, the zeal travels a mile further with the professional assistance in gaining knowledge and skills. As many as 4,000 women across the region participated in the grand opening phase of this unique campaign and a select 1,000 won the opportunity to realise their dreams. And this was just the beginning.

The shortlisted women took a 4-day boot camp in their fields of choice covering different disciplines. These included business modeling, idea validation, business marketing, sales techniques and planning, business development strategies, financial planning, and pitching. The online courses ran for over 25 hours covering numerous business areas and providing women with the required tools for each business.

The courses provided in-depth knowledge across fashion, F&B, marketing, tech, sports, makeup, and ten other fields, further enabling female entrepreneurs to hone and develop their skills. Vatika Voices is making huge strides right since its inception in recognising talent and providing guidance for a fruitful career ahead.

In times when the world is waking up towards ending misogyny and rewriting archaic gender roles, the massive response and positive feedback received from the participants prompts all that is required is a push in the right direction. Vatika Voices, a campaign like never before demonstrates that when women are provided with the right tools and opportunities, they strive best to overcome challenges and go beyond their comfort zone to feel confident and ready to live their dreams. Empowering women contributes toward negating the impact of gender gaps in businesses and also encourages a gender-diverse work environment.

Nishant Sukumaran, Head of Marketing – Vatika at Dabur International, says, "Women are already empowered, they have dreams and are motivated. Sometimes, what they need is a gentle nudge and support to enable their skills in the right direction. The women in Team Vatika have created a platform #VatikaVoices to enable other women to skill up, achieve their dreams and live their natural best. Our endeavour is to ensure that our #VatikaVoices initiative reaches maximum women, and we hope that many will benefit from the same.”

The Vatika Voices campaign is an enabler that is helping women to build a strong foundation to grow and prosper. The great amount of teamwork behind the scenes makes it all worth the drill as the second phase launches to commemorate Ramadan. Syncing the holy month’s ethos with the opportunity to help more women, Vatika stands for encouraging her to live your natural best.

The initiative genuinely believes that it is important to provide a platform to women whose voices need to be heard. All the women who shared their journey with Vatika Voices had some powerful stories. To honour the resilient, independent women, the campaign is encouraging consumers to identify talent that can use these tools and turn their dreams into reality.

The world, in general is marching closer to breaking the bias, and conversations around gender equality are gaining momentum. Promising campaigns such as Vatika Voices ushers in the positivity that continues to encourage women to pursue their dreams.

Giving women the support they require to establish their careers is long overdue. Going forward, the campaign’s success has motivated Vatika to continue such initiatives as a long-term offering for women across MENA and the GCC.