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You can’t scroll through social media right now without stumbling upon a wedding in progress. You’ve probably been invited to one, too, because it’s full on wedding season right now. Since the bride and her entourage will probably be getting glammed up by a make-up artist, it’s up to you to get your face looking on point for the big day. The Beauty Beat spoke to Dubai-based make-up artist Enrica Bhatia (@flawlessbeautybyenrica on Instagram) to get her top tips for a wedding event.

What’s the best style of eye make-up for a wedding event?

It really depends on the event and the outfit you’re wearing. If it’s a formal dress kind of night, you can’t go wrong with a classic winged liner and red lips. If it’s an Indian/Arabian outfit, try to add a subtle touch of gold or bronze or champagne in your eye make-up to complement the outfit and open up the eyes.

What are your go-to shades for the eyes and cheeks?

I like using different shades of browns for the eyes as a safe option because they go well with most eyes but I do alter the shade according to the client’s eye colour so it blends in. For the cheeks, a flush of pink or peach looks beautiful on the skin.


Which is a safer option for foundation — matte or dewy?

In such hot weather in Dubai, it’s safer to stick to relatively matte looks as they turn oily after a while because of the heat and sweat. When I say matte, I don’t mean cakey and patchy makeup, but well-set make-up with no excess shine on the skin. But if it’s winter and you have an indoor event, then dewy for sure because it makes the skin look prettier, youthful and radiant. Dewy skin is the new form of healthy skin. If you have dry skin, dewy skin is ideal but if you have oily skin, stick to matte looks. For combination skin, use highlighter on selected areas where you want the skin to glow and avoid the oily zones.

How can make-up be made long-wearing and sweat-proof?

As a make-up artist, my go-to is the MAC Fix Plus spray before and after the make-up. It really does the job and makes the make-up last the whole day. I’ve heard this from my clients as well especially my brides. Also, blotting paper is great for those with oily skin and is easy to use on-the-go when you want to remove the excess oil from your face at anytime.

Biggest mistakes people make with their make-up?

I hate looking at harsh contour lines which aren’t blended well and lip liners that are darker/don’t match the shade of your lipstick so that the lipliner outline is obvious. It’s majorly old school and it’s such a faux-pas.

Your favourite make-up tricks?

Using an eyelash curler to curl lashes before applying mascara is a great technique to enhance the eyes. It gives the eyes a lifting effect and makes lashes look more glamorous.

Using water-based blush tints on my cheeks and lips is my current favourite routine when I do my own make-up. It doesn’t dry out the skin and gives it a natural colour which is long-lasting.

Using an illuminating cream or primer all over the face before your make-up gives such a beautiful glow to the skin that you could even wear it on its own if you have clear skin. I recommend Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow or MAC’s Strobe Cream.