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Rasasi is redefining the fragrance journey of its customers by reimagining perfume development, production and retail. A unique and exceptional customer experience is the driving force behind Rasasi’s vision for the future. The brand has kick-started the process of re-engineering across brand touchpoints, wherein investment and effort are being aligned to enhance every aspect of brand-customer interface. A leading name in the manufacture and retail of perfumes in the Middle East, Rasasi is gearing to enter the cosmetics and skincare market soon.

Elaborating on the vision for the future, Saleem Kalsekar, Managing Director of Rasasi Perfumes, says, “Rasasi has always been a forward-looking brand. We have been among the pioneers of the industry and laid down the foundation of a modern perfume industry in the region, consistently setting new benchmarks. As the brand enters a new phase of progression, we are following a blueprint with excellence as the core principle.

“We intend to change the face of fragrance development and retail in the region. In the past 40 years, we have built a great reputation for delivering quality and customer satisfaction. While being proud of our achievements and our lineage as a UAE-grown brand, our promise for the future is to deliver an experience that invites the world into the mystique of perfumery. We are aiming at delivering an all-encompassing experience that is more intimate, immersive and full of happy discovery.”

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Rasasi’s flagship store in Dubai Mall is modelled around best practices in fragrance retail, setting a new benchmark in the region. The breezy, soft and trendy colour palette, anchor features such as immersive pods for experiencing new fragrances, and many bespoke services turn every visit to the store into a memorable experience. It also houses an exclusive lounge area for agarwood and dhanal oud customers and a slew of plans are in the pipeline to make the purchase a more meaningful experience. Rasasi offers a wide selection of agarwood and dhanal oud products, right from popular to rare and coveted varieties.

Driven by a visionary leadership, Rasasi boasts the best talent pool in the fragrance industry. Experts across different fields are at the forefront of various departments, conceptualising exciting new projects, fostering creativity, and leading and mentoring teams to deliver on very high benchmarks that have come to define the brand.

Regular trainings and workshops ensure that everyone is on top of the latest trends and developments in the field. The multilingual store associates are trained to handle diverse customers and ensure a memorable experience for every single patron of Rasasi.

Rasasi is synonymous with scent artistry and offers the finest array of oriental and French perfumes, natural essences and incenses that have been appreciated by regional royalty, the rich and the famous, and those who simply love the splendour and mystique of its diverse scent palette.

With its unique vision for the future to deliver an experience par excellence, Rasasi aims to reciprocate the love it has received over the years from its loyal customers and bring happiness to a lot more people across the globe.