Woman meditating.
Woman meditating. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Our lives are based on thoughts, beliefs and decisions we take moment to moment. What you see is the effect of the cause created; cause “came” in the form of a thought based on some experience and got hold of your energy-space.

And got fed enough, to establish itself (that is, lodge or home itself) as a belief, from which you operate now and create life for yourself. For a moment change your (unhelpful) belief and notice, how you take decisions differently and how you create a different reality for yourself.

Read aloud these two statements: “I get anxious easily”, and “I know how to remain calm.”

Operating from your first belief/ thought, (which is led by a series of experiences of the past) you’re in the midst of creating your next experience of the day, of life ; however, the same old. The decisions of the next moment (mostly unconsciously), will be the same, the action-steps would be the same and so, results would be the same. Nothing is different; the awareness of the dots from cause to effect haven’t been connected yet.

Say, if you were to start believing in the second statement, (and create a different cause) how would you be creating a different effect?

Your thoughts/ beliefs do not go anywhere. They sit with you, till you decide to release them (the unhelpful ones). Change your experience and release them. Move to a different thought (or an emotion) to change the experience.

Familiarise with Emotions

Thoughts generate emotions. For example, the thought of the word “scarcity” will generate a certain emotion, as opposed to thoughts related to the word “celebrations”. (Alternatively, you may catch your emotions first, and see what words come up).

In the process of bringing positive changes in your life, you will attract or your “being” will know what, how and who to attract based on the energy familiarity of emotions your “being” has experienced previously.

If your “be-ing” is unfamiliar with an emotion (or a thought), it won’t know which route to take and where to go. For example, in transmuting or releasing anger, what will you fill that space with? Will it be compassion? Is your being familiar with compassion? You / your being has to know the route to it. (An emotion-energy will wonder which form to transmute to?) It will know if it has “lived”, that is, experienced giving or receiving compassion. To reach to compassion, it may also take help from “co-passengers” such as discernment, empathy, forgiveness.

To sum up, if you have “lived” an experience, you can transmute quicker.

Getting familiar with feelings

Hence, practice familiarising with your emotions/feelings.

Take note to feel what you feel inside. Take cognisance of it without fear. This way you will learn to familiarise your feelings/emotions at a deeper and at a more aware level.

How to do that?

By pausing. And staying with a feeling for some time. For example,“ I know how to remain calm.” Stay with that feeling of calmness in your body, feel it in the body and in the mind.

With practice and awareness, you’ll be able to join the dots of how you attract the things you attract and create the building blocks of your life. Know that the universal principle of “As Within, So Without”, states that what is generated outside in your reality, holds clue to what is going on inside. The principle of Divine Grace, however, works outside this.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: www.karmicwellness.in. Email: hellokarmicwellness@gmail.com