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Dr Rola Al Shehadat, Cosmetic doctor, popular beauty blogger and owner of beauty brand, Snow Creams Image Credit: Supplied


Cosmetic doctor, popular beauty blogger and owner of beauty brand, Snow Creams, Dr Rola Al Shehadat talks about the relevance of cosmetics and their ability to boost confidence and self-esteem

Dr Rola Al Shehadat is today a name to reckon with in the beauty scene here in Dubai. As one of most trusted and well-beloved cosmetic doctors and beauty bloggers, Dr Rola is on a mission to educate patients and enable them to make better decisions in this department. With more than 10 years of experience and staying up to date with trends and medical breakthroughs, Dr Rola today heads one of the busiest clinics in the UAE, with people booking appointments weeks in advance considering the fact that they are aware that their visits allow them access to several techniques and treatments that cannot be as easily availed of anywhere else.

The launch of her creams collection, Snow Creams was wildly successful, with several products available in the range including the skin healing and brightening Baby Face Cream and Body lightening cream, all of which thousands of her valued customers swear by. Dr Rola is now working on a perfume\beauty brand that focuses on embracing femininity and confidence, and of being attractive and strong, and that a lady of leisure or a business woman can both enjoy. The highly anticipated brand will be under the name of Dr Rola Beauty, and we promise to have the scoop on all the details.

In an exclusive chat with GN Focus, Dr Rola talks about the relevance of her brand and the connection between cosmetics and confidence.

Why would you take the risk of creating a perfume\ beauty brand in this highly competitive market?

Creating my own brand is the way I can put my thoughts and innovative ideas out there for people to experience, I have built my relationship with my patients on figuring out their needs, asking what they want and the products they wish existed, that’s the approach I took with my creams, and it was on the spot. That is why I am creating what I know many people want. On a personal note, I have always had an ambition within me to show people that an Arabic woman, or a Muslim woman, or any woman from any background can achieve business success.

Do you think cosmetics have become a necessity?

I think in many cases it is a necessity. It’s not always about beauty, many times it’s about solving a medical problem if used correctly, and while I believe everyone should have the right to do what they feel is required to boost their confidence and self-esteem, I always promote the no-exaggeration way and of loving yourself from within, and then taking informed decisions. In the end, why not benefit from medicine and science in the best way we can?

Curious to know more about what Dr Rola has in store?

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