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Drinking sufficient water is the first key to weight loss and good health as explained last week. The next step is to focus on correction of breath. The right breathing technique is essential to burn fat. In order to understand this further, one must understand the composition of fat and where does it go when one loses weight.

Breathe the fat way

The chemical composition of fat is C55 H104 O6.

The formula to burn fat is as follows:

C55 H104 O6 + 78O2 -----> 5CO2 + 52H2O

FAT + Oxygen -----> Carbon dioxide + Water

When one breathes deeply or practices specific yogic breathing techniques, fat breaks down into carbon-di-oxide and water. There are many methods to burn this fat using the above concept or formula.

When one runs, body temperature rises, heart rate speeds up and body metabolism rises and one ends up breathing out the fat.

While running, the breath rate increases and the body goes into the state called hyper ventilation. In this state, heart beats faster and blood circulation throughout the body becomes even faster. If there is dehydration in the body because of lack of water at the cellular level the process of fat burn slows down.

The science of yoga states that if there is dehydration at the cellular level the release of unwanted gases increases at the cellular level, leading to death of cells and ageing process is hastened. Simply drink water whenever possible, keep the body hydrated in order to aid the process of homeostasis (internal environment) at cellular level. One will actually breathe out the fat and pass it through urine in form of water. Hence it is important to start breathing right and drinking plenty of water.

As far as diet goes, continue eating normal food. Add nuts to the diet, 5-6 almonds and 5-6 walnuts every day. If one is allergic to nuts, please avoid.

Abdominal breathing

Normally, human beings breathe 12-15 breaths a minute. While sleeping, breath rate is 25-30 breaths per minute, when angry breath rate may increase to 50 per minute. But when one practices deep breathing, the breath rate drops to 5-7 breaths per minute. Here what we are doing is increasing oxygen levels in the body, in scientific terms it is called VO2 max (maximum oxygen carrying capacity). Practice 5 minutes of deep breathing, 2 to 5 times a day. Do not go over 5 times.

One such yogic breathing technique is the abdominal breathing. Sit in a meditative posture or on a chair if unable to sit on the floor.

Inhale deeply into the abdomen as it expands. Exhale slowly as the abdomen contracts. Do not force the breath. Keep the awareness on the navel area during this practice.

Practice of the week

Listed below are some postures which also help in weight loss. The correct way to do these must be learnt with a teacher.


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