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A few weeks ago, I came across a video on the internet. I also read up on the articles that followed. The video showed Aamir Khan’s transformation for his latest movie Dangal and it inspired me start work on looking the way I looked 15 years ago.

This past year, I have been painting. I worked on being an artist, day after day, night after night, and managed to have a successful painting exhibition in India last month. It became my meditation, but in the process I completely lost my health. Now, it’s time to get back to be the healthiest and the best looking person that I can be. I’m not proud to say this but in the last five months, I have gained 20kg.

Like me, if you feel that work and other priorities take over life, making you lose focus on health and ease, then join me on my weight loss trip, as I work towards pushing the scales backwards – from 92 to 72kg – in 180 days.

I used to be fit for a very long time and it became my second nature but when I would teach, I stopped getting a feel of people who put on weight. Whatever may be their reason — bad love life, bad business, don’t know what to do, know enough but unable to implement, ego, etc — I know I am 20 kilos heavier. But with my understanding of yoga and physiology, I can reduce it in a month and I am trying to do it with everyone else – my friends, my family, my students, people who read my articles and watch my videos.

As we celebrate the onset of a new year, health is probably the best gift you can give yourself and your family. Do this for the son, the wife, the mother or the good friend who tells you not to get to a point of no return – think how much it matters to them. My inspiration is my son Yash.

Believe in yourself, not in me, as it’s you who will change. But we can all motivate each other and make this task – which to me at this point seems like a Himalayan climb – more fun and stress-free. I have introduced you to some practices and tips over the last couple of weeks. My process is drawn upon from my understanding of yoga, physiology, ayurveda and years of experience of working with people for weight loss and good health. I am not recommending that you go on any rigid diet. Instead I am going to recommend healthy additions to the day which will benefit everyone and ensure that weight loss isn’t a task but an enjoyable journey to becoming the best version of yourself. After all, achieving good health is the important factor here, and that’s what I emphasise most.

Practice of the week:

Begin practising three sun salutations in the morning and evening. Following postures can also be part of the routine.

Marjariasana – step 1

Marjariasana – step 2


Adho Mukha Sukhasana

Next week: Weight loss — the natural way part 3