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Understanding body at energetic level

You are a spiritual being. Your consciousness — subtle energy — requires a body, a cloak to come to this physical world from the non-physical realm. The body holds your soul and spirit energy which comes here to experience and evolve.

What your soul experiences and feels, the body will feel that too. Alternatively, how you treat the body, the soul consciousness will feel it. If you abuse the body through excesses, the soul energy will feel disoriented. If the soul is hurt, you may feel tangible pain in the body (primarily heart region). If you have negative association with the body at spiritual level; you don’t trust your body or its wisdom, the body will be unable to support you energetically.

Sometimes, when a trauma is experienced by the soul physically or emotionally, it can lead a person to ‘live’ outside the body. In this state, one feels disconnected with the body feeling un-grounded, de-centered, incoherent or dizzy-headed. With self-love, soul connection can be re-established and the energy, anchored back in the body.

At emotional level

We are ‘composed’ of emotions such as anger, fear, sorrow, love and happiness. Emotions are natural and purposeful. But if the composition holds more of negative or disagreeable emotions and for long, the body is adversely impacted. On the contrary, if one holds more of joyous, contended emotions, the body stays in good health and heals faster.

Emotional and physical well-being are connected; if one harbours old resentments and old anger, it impacts the bladder, kidneys and liver. Emotions of fear and guilt mostly affect the spleen area. Fear, guilt, old abuse impacts the digestive system. Bones are also affected by negativity, for example, guilt, stubbornness, reluctance to change; control issues can make bones rigid and stiff.

Know that one can alter emotions and create healthy association with the body.

At mental/thought level

Thoughts can create illness or wellness of the body. If you hold negative thoughts about your body, (‘I am fat’/ short’/, ‘I hate my body/flab/the shape of my nose’ etc) and deprive body of your love, it will feel the ill treatment.

Hold your body in appreciative thoughts. Accept it. Change what you want to change with love, what you can’t change, accept with love. There is a deeper spiritual reason why you/ your soul chose the body-cloak that it did (I will write about it in another column). With love, you can get your body to listen to you. Talk to your body positively.

At physical level

It is important to move the body to open up any stuck energy, which gets formed as one harbours unhelpful thoughts-beliefs-emotions. The nature of energy is to flow freely, for which, physical games, exercises, jogging, running, yoga postures is helpful. Also, conscious breathing techniques. (On the sideline, moving the body is an effective method in distracting self from looping negative thoughts. When in loop, just go out to run or take a brisk walk). Fresh air has the ability to de- fog the head and bring clarity.

Breathing exercises allow stagnant life-force energy/ pran vayu in the body, to move. When the five ‘airs’ or vayu of the body -pran, apan, vyan, udan, saman – circulate well, they repair and rejuvenate the body.

Disrespecting body through extremes – excess consumption of food or starvation, excess of exercise or none, obsession with body or neglect, excess of work or lethargy, pulls down the energy of the body.


The body teaches lessons in acceptance (can I accept my body as is?) Do I feel worthy and confident (with and in, my body)? Can I hold myself (my body) in high esteem, love and respect?

The body asks for the same degree of respect, honour and love as you do. When body is criticized, fussed over, judged, it breaks down frequently but when held in regard and appreciation, it responds back with an equal degree of support and wellness.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: