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Healing is a process of change. It is higher alignment, closure, peace and progress. A healed person is a changed person.

When is healing sought? It is sought when one’s own pain becomes too heavy and a different path is searched for. Healing takes place from one’s inner power: When that inner power is tapped into and is activated, healing begins.

What is one tapping into? It is the latent virtuous qualities; and awakening them, cultivating them to abide in them.

Qualities of love, compassion, discernment, forgiveness, kindness, gratitude, appreciation, empathy, purity, optimism, respect, harmony, humility and much more.

Not all of the above qualities are your work (of learning) for you in this lifetime. Your life patterns will guide you on which quality/ qualities is your pending work. For example, an arrogant person’s work lies in learning humility, a meek person, in courage to speak up, an under-confident person’s, in developing self-worth and so on.

To invoke the inner quality (your power of change), a few practical factors stand in consideration. This awareness will ease the journey of change.

• Healing is a process.

• It takes time. It can’t be done overnight.

• You have to participate in the process. You really have to.

• You can’t outsource it.

• Participation brings awareness. Awareness and acceptance are the first steps towards healing.

• You do it bit by bit to avoid getting overwhelmed and/or deciding to give up altogether.

• You give yourself time, be patient and be gentle with yourself.

• Healing takes place with positive thoughts.

• Healing requires your intention and willingness to heal.

• It’s your free will, whether or not, you want to heal. Free will is a privilege.

• Pausing (physical, mental/thought) is prerequisite for healing.

• Healing will not be a linear or an easy-peasy cakewalk.

• There will be twists and turns, high and lows, tears and laughter.

• At times the process will be discomforting and even painful, at least initially.

• Not all days will be the same.

• Accept all. Preserve all. Work through them all. Don’t give up.

• Perseverance is the key.

• Your own resistance delays healing. Nobody’s hand is in it.

• In tearful moments, cry and release. Releasing is healing.

• Healing doesn’t break you. It completes you.

• Healing is empowering, not a victimised state.

• Healing requires practice, practice and more practice.

• The practice is to develop, cultivate your ‘yet-to-be-learnt’ aspect/s.

• Healing is not an external practice. It is not a “do and get over” state.

• Healing is to be internalised, imbibed. Change takes place internally; in thought patterns, attitude, outlook, perspective, behaviour.

• Healing is a “be-ing” state, not a “do-ing” state. The “be-ing” state calls for consistent practice.

• Internalisation is done by integrating practice in daily life situations; cutting through conceptual knowledge to live/be that.

• You forgive yourself for not being the best, one day of the many days of practice.

• You forgive the world too.

• A healed person lets go of fixations and attachments easily.

• A healed person lives in lightness, without the baggage of resentments, guilt, rejection, and other heavy emotions/ thoughts.

• A healed person doesn’t judge, rather, stands in discernment and compassion to others and to self.

• A healed person lives with the attitude of gratitude, forgiveness and appreciation.

• A healed person appreciates life’s experiences, thanks them as opportunities, and turns around each experience for furthering his/her growth and progress.

• Your healing is your lifetime’s work.

• You take this lifetime’s work with you when you transition from Earth.

• You will not have to relearn the same chapter again. You progress.

• As your soul matures, you feel complete and at peace.

• As you graduate, you come closer to the end of the cycle of birth and death.