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The cosmic principle of attention states that whatever you pay attention to, will manifest. This principle also yields as, ‘whatever you believe in, will manifest.’ The universe honours your dominantly attentive thought (or request, if you will) without discrimination. From this perspective, be in awareness of where your attention is parked. Check the following:

• You do reflect, you reflect more on your problems than the available solutions.

• You do trust, just that you trust your inability more than your ability to handle things.

• You do have faith, just that you have more faith in others than in yourself, and more faith that things are awry, less that, things are working out in your favour. You doubt yourself and trust others more, even if your intuition says otherwise. Find a balance in knowing who to trust, when to trust and to what degree to trust. Put your wisdom and discernment to exercise.

• You do affirm all the time, just that your affirmations are fear-based than faith-led. (‘this decision will go wrong’ versus, ‘my every decision serves my highest good’). You fear, what if I go on that trip, something bad will happen, instead of having faith to affirm ‘all works out great in this trip. The best I could have’.

• You do intend, sometimes you intend to speak ill or constantly complain. You intend variously at various times. Watch your intention because it is a powerful tool on which you create your life and manifest what you intend. What you intend for others is reflected back in your own manifested reality.

• You do know how to ‘pay’ attention, just that you are paying it at things you don’t desire and encashing it as such. If you were to shift your focus and pay attention to what you desire and work towards it, you will encash your abundance as such.

• You do know how to express, just that your expression is without love, or discernment for self and/or for others, and so it is hurtful to self and to others and things remain in limbo.

• You make things difficult blaming it on ego. If you were to take responsibility of your thoughts, actions and deeds, you’d attract change with ease and comfort.

• If your expression is full of vile, you won’t know any other state of being. Therefore, you have to ‘wear’ different ideas and customise your expression, so that it brings back to you the highest and best experiences, filled in love and dipped in laughter.

• All your experiences matter. Do not throw away any. Instead improve the quality of your experiences. And regale in it later. Pay attention to the quality in which your ‘beingness’ rests day-to-day.

• Don’t underestimate your presence. You are important to those who you are around and those who are around you. Respect all including self.

• Live life in happiness, because what to do and how you do it matters. It affects from humans, to plants, animals , environment, ecology to Mother Earth. Your ‘state of being’/your vibration touches all, in ways more than one, in ways you may or may not be able comprehend but it is grand.

We all have the ability to reflect, trust, be patient, persevere, forgive, decide and more. One is to see whether their attention is leaned at the non-serving end of an emotional state or at the helpful end. For example, in trusting /believing: ‘I can’t decide or ‘ I am no good’ or ‘it is a poor choice, we end up manifesting exactly that. If one were to shift attention to the opposite-positive to get to a healthy balance, then that attentive state will manifest.

The degree to which one focuses is the degree to which one manifests.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: