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In my emotional counselling sessions, when I ask a participant what they would like to do in the future, most of them express their desire to help others. This is very natural, simply because the divine existence within us, the divinity consciousness that makes us, knows no other way, and expresses its desire through us in the human form.

In order to help others, one must first help themselves to be able to extend the highest quality of help to others. That said, in order to help others, one can bring forth their own unique qualities, capabilities, talents, that is, inner resources, as well as outer resources as logistical and material support.


In order to render help/ service, you need not copy others as you are already gifted with your own unique capabilities and talents. Hence, focus on what you can do the best and how best you can do in that area. That’s it. Competition, comparison sucks the life force and defeats the enthusiasm of taking steps towards servicing others. So, instead of comparing, focus on your abilities and trust them, however big or small they may seem to you; soon a clearer path will be carved out. It is a given that the more you hone your emotional, spiritual and physical skills, in a positive mindset, the more you will hone your inner being connection/ divinity within. This is how you approach service, first to self and then to others.

When you have identified what you can do to be in the service of others, in a small or perhaps not-so- small way, don’t wait for circumstances to be perfect. Start today, now. If you haven’t figured out what and how then also start now, by way of focusing your thought towards it, the idea; logistics and its physicality will follow too. For example, if you want to start your firm, or teach sewing or just want to tend your greens as therapeutic hobby, focus on your idea, and soon enough your interest and attention will guide you to your next path.


Any creation of nature that you help is service (sewa). It doesn’t matter if sewa is for the fellow humans, ecology, or simply you servicing you. When you service, you are in actuality, serving divinity, as the divine consciousness exists within every creation of nature. The form, shape, size, of the matter differs and the difference, roughly speaking is at the level of vibrational planes of existence.

The first plane of existence is the Mother Earth; her minerals, soil, crystals, rocks. Humans use their service in sustenance and in healing, as much as the second plane of existence consisting of plants and trees. Of the total seven planes, the third plane is of humans and animals.

The renowned Theta healer, Vianna Stibal, writes in one of her books, “We humans often think that we’re more evolved than the beings of the first and second plane. Perhaps this is because, we have well-developed ego, an instinct that was given to us to help us survive and achieve.”

The founder-healer of ThetaHealing modality further states, “Since egotism thrives on the third plane, we must control this aspect of ourselves.”


Attitude is an important aspect in giving and receiving service. If support is rendered with airs of superiority, arrogance, pity, or in condescending and suchlike attitude, it holds no charge for divinity/ divine consciousness, it is merely ego-servicing. Similarly, if service is received without respect, honour or gratitude, ego is at play. Translated, it is living life in a dissatisfied, discontented state without feeling the Oneness/Wholeness/Divinity.

Human species, before physical birth till transition, depend on the service of all three planes including primordial elements of air, water, sun, soil/earth, from survival to self-realisation. In honouring the symbiotic relationship with the planes, one can discover the divinity within.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: