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Nothing happens by chance or is random. It is all cosmically curated; the cosmic laws (the principles) are the keepers of the cosmic curation; law-and-order flows from them.

There is divine order to all things, nothing is lost, nothing is out of place, nothing is out of order. If humans come to believe this truth, a lot of upheaval from their lives will go off. If humans come to believe that whatever is happening is perfect and necessary, at the macro level, and the individualised human-life level, a lot of suffering will be reduced. One does get to this point of realisation eventually, though, after suffering. Suffering, pain, misery can be reduced once the functioning of the laws is properly understood.

Cosmic laws are exact

Difficult times open doors of understanding that comfort rarely does. Nothing that you are experiencing is leashed upon you as revenge or punishment. You have created situation/s for yourself in ignorance or in understanding. Your life has been your creation all along. And within these two ends of: ignorance (darkness) and awareness (light) you have propelled your spiritual growth, learning, evolution. Both ends are necessary.

The following analogy may help understand the point better. Let’s say, you desire to climb a mountain top. To fulfil this desire, you have got to be at the mountain’s bottom first. If you desire to see what’s at the other end of a river, you have got to be at the opposite end of that river, first. You have really got to be where you are not, to where you desire to be. The law of polarity works with this principle. In order to take you to your longing of peace, you will experience situations where there is no peace.

You are going where you, your Higher Self, has pre-decided to go, in experiencing life-lessons (these experiential learnings are really for the soul). And therefore, you call in situations and events for the learning. The learning can be under the theme of self-dependency or in developing courage, or in being able to say no, or in experiencing humility etc.

If your Higher Self desires to learn compassion, for instance, you will find yourself in the opposite end first; of being judgemental, critical, righteous, smug or cruising similar emotions. You will find yourself exactly at the other end of where your soul or Higher Self desires to be. Moving to the other end, that is, compassion, is the lesson, the journey. Once this learning is complete, then criticism, judgement will no longer hold you hostage.

Cruising experiences to learn and grow

The soul internalises learnings through experiences; not by conceptual understanding. Hence, pay attention to learnings that life-experiences are bringing in. Nothing is random. You are at the helm of your creation; which you do, by choosing your responses.

The journey to the other end can be testing but need not be miserable. By understanding and working with the Laws one can reduce misery. The Law of Attraction (LoA), which is active all the time, postulates that ‘inner attracts the outer.’ Meaning, whatever state one is in, one attracts more of that; like attracts like.’

In suffering, when the inner state is highly agitated, one attracts more of agitation- more of agitated people, more of aggravated similar situations (This may cause a cycle of belief to get established; ‘life if tough’, ‘life is hard’, ‘people are opportunistic’ etc). However, when the inner state is changed, the outer environment will also start changing and beliefs will get rearranged.

All one needs to do is to persevere through the transition phase. Do so without complaining, whining or blaming. Embrace change, seek universe’s support to make transition smoother. Take action in changing habit, behaviour, attitude, reaction, old ways of doing things, old thoughts and beliefs. Change of the inner environment will change the outer environment.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: