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Leading a spiritually active life requires practice. Spirituality can be woven in any manner of occupation or profession as it is the essence of the soul. Soul comes for human experiences and the spirit, the eternal us, is our guiding light in this pursuit.

An individual may fall off his/her spiritual path. It could be old habits at play or non-reinforcement of a new serving habit, or something as mundane as excuses or unwillingness to take responsibility for a change sought.

These arise from emotional state one is in for, each day can unfold some surprises, some gifts or some challenges. However, to remain in a high vibrational state, some acts and thoughts ought to be carried on. Little by little, in increments, higher change can be brought.

Habits: Many of our actions are habitual because they come practised, meaning, we are used to reacting in a certain way. Emotions have a way of consuming and spreading the energy. The not-so-good emotions have to be shaken off. A new birth, if you will, of the consciousness is needed. And this new has to be shaped, remodelled and established. When one starts looping around a particular emotion/ habit, the energy circles round and round and gathers pace, much like a tornado. In order to escape a non-serving emotional tornado, one has to skip out of it, for it has a specific force and path. Just get out of the way, watch the tornado without getting caught up, meaning stay detached. Follow your internal guidance. This comes with practice and implies constant attuning with self.

Reinforcement: Strengthening of a new habit should be practised for seven weeks. A new change first and foremost requires, dropping the old. Results will be directly proportional to the practice. So, let’s say, if you want to cultivate the feeling of optimism, then you need to stop consuming which provokes the opposite. The five senses have to activated in the direction of your goal. This would mean abstaining from feeding your visual sense that glorifies pessimistic views (consumed through movies, TV, social media, reading material). Simultaneously, hearing only that is positive, optimistic. Keeping in touch with uplifting people, eating food that elevates high vibration. Basically, attuning your senses towards ‘being-optimistic’ goal.

Follow your creative pursuits: Each person is creative in some way or the other. In following his/her creative pursuit one feels a sense of fulfilment. This keeps one in a state of balance. The creative fulfilment, in many ways becomes pathway to one’s life purpose as well. Instead of stalling or shying away, one should find ways and means to work on their true desires, their innate passion which genuinely warms their heart. The state of balance allows one to reach out and help others too. So, pick up that brush, go motivate a friend, create that project. Do what feels nourishing to your soul.

Be flexible: This implies being flexible in ways of thinking. Old ways of thinking will bring old results. Stubbornness to stick to an established routine, a thought, a belief, a particular behaviour, stalls growth. Rigidity is misery. The spiritual path is about flow and progress, so be willing to adapt to new changes, with a sense of adventure, faith and trust; faith in the divine and trust in self. Keep an open mind and follow inner guidance to fine-tune to the empowered degree of flexibility.

A spiritual practice is a sum-total of our thoughts, actions and behaviour. It requires being aware of all areas of our life and purifying them by living with high principles as opposed to fixed notions.