The complexity of heavy-feeling emotions such as resentment, grudge, hatred, anger, fear etc makes the body heavy and diseased, if one constantly lives with these emotions. The solution is to live in the opposite of such dense and unproductive emotions which is, living in lightness. This sounds simple, but living simplicity needs experiential practice.

Complexity is replete with dramas. Furthermore, it has been practised enough already. And hence, it surges naturally in several situations. For example, the emotion of anger or judging others, which may come every now and then, calls for the practice of the opposite emotion/s, appreciation/ gratitude.

Is it easy? May be or maybe not. It depends on one’s intention, and attention to its consistent practice. If an individual intends, and practices the transmutation process then mastery toward simplicity can be attained. The practice of simple emotions has to be bigger than the unhelpful ones already practised, mostly unconsciously.

Simplicity calls for single expression of life like love and compassion, without attachment, without complex layers of motive or expectations. It simply requires heart orientation.

A decision to ‘let go’, of non-serving expressions can be the starting point. Here are three simple emotions for daily practice. How should one practice? In day-to-day ordinary interactions that make our life. There are big, small experiences packed in a day. These are opportunities for practice.

1. Practice of forgiveness: You will never regret forgiving anyone. But coming to the stage of forgiveness requires practice. It involves letting go of self-built walls of multiple ego-identities. To forgive and seek forgiveness is a liberating experience. Forgiving means not holding another person/s or situations as object of constant negative attention. In doing so, the self gets caged and stuck. Forgiveness involves building up faith that all difficult experiences held (and hold) meaning and learning. To be able to live without bitterness is self- growth. Practice of simple affirmations help such as, ‘I choose to forgive’ or, if seeking forgiveness, ‘I ask for forgiveness.’

2. Letting go of criticism and judgement: A day lived without judgement, criticism, and complaint is a day lived in lightness and well-being. As soon as you observe that any heavy emotion is rising, catch it early and transmute it to the opposite, positive. Transmute criticism and judgement into appreciation, gratitude and forgiveness through positive thought- affirmations and action practice. ‘I criticise less and appreciate more.’ ‘I focus on his/her goodness’, ‘I choose to see good in people and situations’ are some affirmations. Affirmations are practised to put energies back into balance/ alignment. As one repeats and feels them, positive energies get invoked within the being.

3. Gratitude: The emotion of gratitude is felt when one lives with awareness, awareness that nothing is to be taken for granted. It is the understanding that all things and all consciousness, all forms of life deserve equal respect. All play a part in our sustenance. Offering gratitude to breath (prana energy), free air, water, sunshine, gratitude to mother earth, her soil, food yield, our own body organ-system that works round the clock, all calls for awareness. Offering gratitude to positives is easy but what about difficult experiences? That too, calls for gratitude because without their role in the opposites, higher realisations and growth is not possible. You see, how everything serves us?

With sincere and consistent practice, positive energies, already existent in the being, builds up. As their momentum gains, negatives start reducing and eventually fades off.

Emotional simplicity is not an intellectual practice but an experiential one.

After all, what else is life’s eventual journey about, but movement towards pure positive emotional energies?

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: