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Did you know that you are living your past and the future lifetime, within this present life? That your past and the future doesn’t go anywhere but stays with you? It is kind of enfolded within the present life.

The Past

Past is right here with you. All the lifetimes you lived and all the wisdom you garnered, all the knowledge, the experiences you gained are with you, right here, right now. Nothing is lost. Does it occur to you that the talents that you innately possess is because you have gained experience of them in the past lifetimes? Somethings that you cruise with ease, in physical reality or at the emotional plane is because you have already done it? Did you know that your work, ideas and the people that you gravitate to, is already known to you as past life familiarity? Just as your talents are your own earned wisdom, challenges too are your own.

The Future

How is future in the present, right here, right now? Future likes freedom, meaning, it likes to ride with you as you go along with life, as you take your decisions and actions. It is ready to get shaped moment to moment. You are not ‘living’ future really, you are creating it. What is lived, is past. What you create/ are creating, is the future. (You create a certain future by imagining and feeling a certain way, and then you live them, adding to your past). Future challenges are not written. How you negotiate (mentally and then physically) with an ongoing tough time, unfolds a certain future as per your response to it. (There can be many futures and the one that unfolds is based on choice/s of response that you pick from available range).

Past experience of this lifetime

How does one get over a past unpleasant experience of this lifetime? Know that, that moment (of experience) is lived. It is over. A next moment is ready to be re-created. What you are holding on to is the memory of it (the event, the experience). You don’t have to “get rid” of any memory. It is like walking a forest and erasing the footmarks of where you have been. It is the memories that help you know where you have been! How many times you would like to follow the same path and not remember it? What is the fun in that? When you have memory of any experience, you have sorted and sifted in that moment what works for you, what doesn’t and that experience makes you richer.

Regrets of the past are unnecessary as they have been — that experience, has been lived once, the same event can’t be repeated, yes, there can be similar experiences but not the same. Each moment lived is unique and can’t be repeated. When an experience is lived, it’s over, and therefore, each experience will be innately different.

What is lived, can’t be replicated, it can only be simulated, for example, regret, the next similar experience-emotion is a simulation of an event already lived. There are alternate forms in which regret is being experienced, by way of memories.

Without experiences, without the memories, how would you keep track of your journey? How would you track your growth? How would future get a chance to create itself if you are so busy erasing a memory?

It is the memories of your talents that you are skilled in areas that you are, brought from past lifetimes. It is the memories of your challenges that you decided to bring them in this life to deal with them better and grow from them.

A single present moment packs within it, several futures, which one you unroll is dependent on your response. Lifetimes can be experienced within that moment.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Listen to her podcast ‘Meditative Reflections-Dhayan’ on Spotify. Email: