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In meditation (process), you release all thoughts. There is only one in your attention. You contemplate-meditate on only one aspect of your object of meditation. Your object of meditation can be a mantra, a thought, a flower, your breath, the void or anything.

That one aspect contains the world in itself. You unpeel and unravel that aspect to know more about it. You will ‘receive’ the knowledge, that which you had not perceived before, that which the mind can’t give but can only process. There is an awakening then, a knowing of the object, with deeper and far-reaching understanding. When knowledge is received directly from the higher aspects, there is a shift within; calmness pervades over.

Subtle Awareness

Your five subtle senses perceive information from the outside world and feed it back to your conscious senses/inner world. When you seek, what you actually seek is the knowing of things. You want to go layers deep. You see things with a conscious mind but you fulfil your seeking-work by subtle knowing. Knowing(s) are subtle, not in-the-face. This is where you begin your inner journey, discover your own potential, hidden power. In meditation, you activate and use subtle energies to transform. Subtle aspects are to be felt, they are never loud. You know them inwardly, just that you don’t believe them.

Your innate nature is to seek. Your curiosity leads to discoveries, big and small. When you seek, you are curious.

Meditation leading to transformation

From seeking (the mental aspect) to movement (translation to the physical aspects) is the transformation. When we apply that knowledge, which reflection/ meditation has unravelled, which has been obtained from subtle senses, to daily lives, you will see the transformation. That is one little journey accomplished.

Your life is made of several little journeys. Pick any area you want to tread, focus on it and use the knowledge gained to transform. The direction is given by the subtle senses, the gross senses help to complete that transformation. From mental, it rests into physical. Grow, seek more (mentally) and move more (physically); little journeys. The little movements complete one cycle of learning.

Many of you have these inner knowing(s) but acting (movement) on them is slow. You do not see transformation, which is so slow that it is imperceptible to your gross senses. Life feels like it is not moving. But movement is happening, waiting to happen. You force-stop it as you trust that worldly ways are different, and you must follow the world/society rules. For example, your inner knowing may be that this relationship will not work, you still go ahead with it, deep down you may have an inner knowing that you shouldn’t take this or that step, but you still do, because you do not want to be seen as weird in the eyes of the world.

Trust your inner knowing(s) and give them physical expression, meaning, act them out. Your feelings give the inner knowing to you.

Checking on Transformation Progress

As you progress, you will notice awareness of subtle aspects developing. You will have new perspectives on things, one that gives a sense of expansion and calm. From irritation, you will come to a new place of acceptance, from wondering what to do, you will learn what to do and what not to do. Where everything seemed to be a problem, all will seem manageable. A sense of inner confidence starts guiding you. You will have insight to see good and positive opportunities in everything.

Be in awareness that, all that causes consternation is a guide for you to know what needs to be worked upon. Every event packs learning. With subtle awareness, the learnings can be deciphered. Go beyond what is gross/visible, concentrate on the subtle and decipher the hidden learning. This will help you move as well as rest: a balance within.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: