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There is a certain order in which the universe functions. This order is maintained by the cosmic laws /spiritual principles. The cosmic laws govern our universe, galaxy, solar system, and even us. The laws can be physical (such as the law of gravity) or emotional (such as the law of compassion). Some laws can be bent and influenced such as the law of time or the law of vibration, but some can’t, such as the law of free agency (or free will). The earth also functions within the parameters of the cosmic laws, as seen in the law of gravity, the law of aerodynamics, the law of nature and others.

The Cosmic Laws

Humans are governed by the laws too, we function under them and interact with them daily, such as the law of thought, the law of intent, the law of cause and effect, the law of attraction, the law of focus, and many more.

These governing principles are impartial in nature and function with regularity. In acquiring knowledge related to functioning of the laws, it is easy to navigate life. It is like knowing the rules of the game and using them to one’s advantage; the advantage being living life in balance, harmony, flow and rhythm. In transgression, one is lost in the life-path, feeling confused and chaotic. Suffering ensues.

For example, the Law of Attraction (LoA) states that whatever you focus on, you will attract that into your life. LoA works closely with the law of focus, the law of thought, the law of vibration. If one focuses on non-serving thoughts, one’s vibrational frequencies will attract matching vibration, which means more of non-serving situations, experiences, circumstances, people in physical manifestation. The opposite is also true. If one focuses on abundance or joyfulness, one’s vibration attracts more of these.

LoA doesn’t know the labels of ‘good’ and ‘bad’, it simply responds enthusiastically and dutifully to one’s vibrational signature.

Transgression from the cosmic principles, either out of innocence, ignorance or ill-will, doesn’t exempt anyone from their workings.

The Law of Polarity: How to Harness it?

Here I discuss the Law of Polarity (LoP). We are highly impacted by this law in our daily lives, mostly negatively. Why? because we don’t understand its functioning correctly.

The LoP states that duality exists in every form. Everything has a pair of opposites and between the two opposites (ends/ poles / extremes), lies a range of possibilities and potentialities.

The opposites are seen in all creations of nature; electron-proton, day-night, light-darkness, hot-cold, mountains-valleys, deserts-rivers also in human emotions; kindness-cruelty, despair-hope, jealously-appreciation, arrogance-humility, hatred-love and so on.

LoP works with the law of thought, the law of vibration, the law of balance, the law of attraction, also with the law of acceptance, and the law of gratitude.

In the absence of LoP, dualities won’t exist and without them life-lessons can’t be learnt, balance can’t be attained. Learning is the sole purpose for which souls journey earth in human form. If a human-soul has experienced only timidness, it wants to experience the opposite, courage, to feel complete.

Using the LoP principle is simple. If you find yourself at one end of the scale, start moving to the opposite end of it. For example, if you are in despair, start moving to the opposite vibration- hope; if you are in self-doubt, start working with the opposite energy- self-trust. Go the opposite direction.

Is it that simple? Yes. Is it easy? No.

Tipping to the opposite doesn’t come easy, especially in emotionally draining experiences. It can take a lifetime or more. Maybe less. The key is: practice with faith. What inhibits movement? One’s own ego, beliefs, thought-patterns, unwillingness to move, unwillingness to practice, grip of fear, lack of trust and faith, excuses, ignorance, love of comfort, arrogance are a few self-laid blocks.

Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: