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Sacral or the swadhistan chakra, located two fingers below the navel, is the seat of creativity, your creative impulses. This energy represents your relationship with people, society and different cultures.

Literally translated, Swadhistan (swa + adhistan) implies ‘sacred home of the self’. A feminine energy, this centre houses qualities of love, compassion, creation, empathy and emotion. It is associated with pleasure, procreation, fantasies, joy and hope. Feelings of guilt and shame can congest the free flow of energy in the sacral region.

Physical and emotional

Sacral chakra is linked with the reproductive glands. This energy governs the liquid elements of the body such as the blood and saliva. A meditation with focus on the liquid elements goes on to make the fluid system of the body healthy. This chakra encapsulates the qualities of water: flexible, flowing and fluid.

A balanced sacral represents flow and momentum in life. When this energy centre is functioning well, a person charts the course of his/her life similar to a contended river, frolicking assuredly on its path with great tempo. When a person is flexible like water, s/he adapts to the rhythm of life in a healthy manner and can turn ideas and dreams into reality without resistance.

With lack of balance in this energy space, a person may feel isolated and stagnant in life. The feelings of shame and guilt are strongly associated with the imbalance of this chakra.

The disturbance of energy here is also evident when someone complains about “lack of sweetness in life.”

It indicates a craving for pleasure. When this feeling overwhelms, one can ask: “Why am I feeling this way?”

What change can I bring in my life with responsibility, accountability and morality to enjoy the pleasures of life?”

When there is a healthy awareness in indulgence with pleasure, it is reflective of a balanced energy.

How to meditate

To meditate on sacral chakra, sit, join your thumb (fire element) and little finger (water element) together into a mudra and gently bring your consciousness to the swadhistan region. Now, move your consciousness up, and up, to the top of your head. Imagine a divine bright golden light at the top of your head. Lovingly bring the light down and rest it at the sacral. The light fills the space in and around the region. Visualise: the more you breathe into this light, the more it amplifies its golden healing energy.

For emotional healing, you may make affirmations as below picking up the ones which resonate with you the deepest:

“I move gracefully like water.” “I am flexible.” “I release guilt”, “I release shame”. “I move towards my dreams and goals.” “I let go of stagnancy.” “I flow effortlessly like a river.” “I look gorgeous.”

When you are sitting with an intention to physically heal, bring in the feeling of love and visualise sending the love to all the liquid elements of your sacred body; the saliva, the mucus and the blood, among others because of which you are able to digest food properly, protect yourself against infections, and maintain the required water content in your body.

You may focus on affirmations related to physical healing as:

“With each breath, I vitalise and energise my (sacral) organs”,

“Every breath of mine has restored my organs to their natural vibrant state.”

“I have brought harmony and health to my body.”

And as you affirm, visualise that your organs are already healed.

Your subconscious mind takes affirmations as command and the body follows suit. Do not think of your aches and pains while affirming (or even later). What you think of is what you magnify: remember this cosmic principle.

Focus on the feeling of being healed. How does it feel to be healed? Bring that vibration in. Bring that feeling in and live with the feeling of being completely well. Next, focus on what will you do after you get better. Imagine your post-healed life. Bring that beautiful future in the NOW and change the now.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at