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A young man sitting on the ground at a park, meditating. Image Credit: Getty Images

In my last column, I wrote about mastering the whims of the five senses and attaining a balance in engaging with them. In this piece, I articulate on the sixth sense, which resides at the brow centre, where yin and yang meet.

Not long ago, I was on a journalistic assignment in Bahrain in order to cover a press conference (my last assignment before I immersed myself full time into energy healing work). This was a meeting of some of the major oil companies from the Middle East to make an important announcement. I wanted to catch hold of an oil minister for a quick interview, a tough task given the hurry and scurry of the conference, followed by a quick sit-in dinner.

As soon as the conference ended, the attendees were whisked to an adjacent dining hall. Dinner was served, pleasantries were exchanged. In the midst of the meal, I suddenly heard my inner voice, very clear: “Go, get your bag.” (I had kept my handbag and luggage outside the conference room at the reception.) For a moment, I was reluctant to leave the comfort of my seat, the meal and the company of the guests at the table. I also wanted to avoid the awkwardness and the impoliteness of taking abrupt leave.

But, as I have always trusted the inner voice, there was no reason, not to do so this time. So, I stepped out of the dining hall to the foyer. By this time, I had forgotten about the interview. As I entered the foyer, quite unexpectedly, at the exact moment, the same minister walked in from the conference hall. The public relations lady behind him looked at me and said: “I was looking for you! You have 15 minutes. This is his last interview.”

Since I was prepared with the questions, the interview was a breeze.

I didn’t have to run, chase or ask favours for the interview or even miss it. It fell into my lap with grace and ease. It was a moment.

The point I am making here is, by following inner guidance, things can unfold in the most natural manner.

Believing the sixth sense

Intuition is the inner knowing, innate to all. It is also a kind of fast-forward peep on the unfolding of events. To give another quick example, when I was in Grade 12, I simply knew the percentage I would obtain. I was happy with the “knowing”, but in order to impress my father, I wanted to up the numbers, so I kept negating that number and visualising a higher percentage, (I didn’t know then, visualisation was a technique). No matter how much I tried, the “knowing” remained. When the result was announced a month later, the “knowing” came true.

Intuition is our connection to the consciousness. When you are in the frequency of stillness and quietness, intuition gently dawns upon you. Like a muscle, intuition can be developed as well.

In day-to-day activities, if you allow your inner guidance to steer you, you will see that the stress levels go down tremendously, the body is not fatigued and you have the energy even at the end of a day. In stress, you waste energy. In following your intuition, you conserve energy.

So, why don’t people follow inner guidance if it is so natural? It is a matter of choice and trust. The act of calming down involves sitting still and people don’t like to do that much. They think doing this and that will re-charge them, but the opposite is true. It is simply willingness and the act of guiding self, first into stillness for mind coherence.

When you intuitively don’t follow, you jump to take action without a thought, as if action will accomplish all. Action is last of the steps to be taken. Haven’t you heard of the story where a woodcutter spends hours sharpening his axe to strike down a tree easily, vis-a-vis a woodcutter who spends hours striking a tree without success with his blunt axe?

Preparation is the key. Energetically, when one prepares in imagination, one is also dropping the fear and looking into the future, seeing possible hindrances and negotiating them, gaining clarity through the whole process. And then, finally, taking action. When done so, nothing that follows in the physical reality of the action comes as shock. Instead there is a ‘wow’ moment.

—Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: