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In my earlier column on ‘the curve’ (‘Meditate to Love the Curve’, November 21), I likened ‘the curve’ to life challenges. To define ‘the curve’ more precisely, it is more like hardship of an extreme nature, or an intense emotional experience, such as violation of someone’s personal space as a child or as an adult, loss of dignity in a relationship, and suchlike harsh experiences that can make one lose interest in life itself.

Actually, the indifference to life in itself is a loss to be avoided. Why? Because indifference to ‘living’ is not a one-time event but a constant emotional state.

Experiences teach, words don’t

We come here on Mother Earth to gain some experiences. (We have come here many times before). Our soul wants to have some experiences in this lifetime. This is required for the soul to feel ‘journeyed.’

The soul wants this journey, to feel whole and complete and thus, be able to merge back to the Ultimate Consciousness. This is possible only when different nature of experiences is felt and received by the soul.

What soul requires is learning and felt-experiences. No one else but an individual’s own soul plans its life events for the chosen experiential learning(s). This learning can be through good or not-so-good roles as personality cloak is donned.

Hence, we all have been saints and sinners in the past because, without the darkness, light can’t be perceived and appreciated. And from that perspective, judging one for their role in humanity is not a service to the Ultimate Consciousness, whose expressions we all are.

Here’s an analogy; just as in a drama, it takes a villain to make ‘hero’, a hero; similarly, it takes darkness to know light. In our own being, we have both these aspects as well, the darkness as well as the light. Therefore, judging others on their non-serving acts is not relevant.

Soul lives on, all experiences added

Converting from darkness (not-so-good thought forms, actions, deeds) to light, requires being present in the now and assessing the consequences of each choice made. Choices are always there, even for the harshest of experience. One choice will lead to one type of outcome and another choice will lead to another outcome. From a higher perspective, there is no right or wrong choices, so to speak. Just that choices are different and the consequences, that is, the outcomes are different.

A choice that makes one feel lighter in body and peaceful in mind is the path of least resistance, more like surrender to faith, and therefore helpful in negotiating life with greater ease, compared to challenging an emotion and taking a high-resistance road, in which case learning happens albeit through more hardships than required or planned.

We are all here to learn. If you were to be given a straight line to walk on, you will be bored and will end up doing what your soul wouldn’t want you to do. Therefore, we come prepared with our celestial homework. Each challenge is an assignment and each solution is an answer to that assignment. (Refer: ‘Reaching Your Emotional Targets', November 28)

The assignments are done easily when there is faith and trust that there is a Higher divine force that is available to guide us. Those who call upon guidance, receive thus and fulfil their required earthly task before leaving this realm, and those who don’t, struggle and make life, well, bitter for themselves, leave bitter and come back again to learn back the lessons and complete their karmic cycle.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: