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When you do the same things repetitively, expecting a different result, that is called stagnation. It is looping around without a breakthrough. When you decide to go creative and do things even if only a little differently, you move; that is expansion.

Expansion happens as we solve a life puzzle or innovate something, invent or create something new, no matter how small or big, emotionally or physically, then we expand, that is called growth.

Creating emotions and things

When new knowledge is created by imagination, then with them, the universe (which is conscious) also expands. That is positive creation. This brings self-alignment, that is, alignment of self to self, (experienced as a feel-good factor) and alignment of self with the universe — fundamentally the same thing.

So, whether it is adjusting a kitchen cabinet in an innovative way (for comfort/ utility/ aesthetics or whatever the desire), or whether it’s finding/creating a new way of working with business markets, or servicing a customer, it doesn’t matter. Creation gives satisfaction. Creation that adds value to life, lifts life and living, goes on to give immense satisfaction back to its creator.

When creation causes expansion, using imagination productively, all of humanity benefits. This becomes collective expansion of the human species.

Creating good mood

Creation gets to the positive, uplifting and fun side, when one creates with enjoyment, in a good mood. This good mood is a conscious creation. To reiterate, mood is a creation too, done in a conscious manner. There is link between divinity, human creation, and mood. Here is how:

Conceptually it is understood that man is an instrument of the divine; unpack this understanding a little more; if man is an instrument of the divine, then participation ought to be done in a joyful manner to feel and experience divinity. Divinity expands as man creates; humanity expands as man creates. (Humanity implies consciousness of humans, collectively speaking.)

Divinity/Universe experiences through man’s actions. As an instrument of divinity, man acts, when man acts in a good mood, he is being a pure instrument of the divine, fulfilling HIS need of expansion. Man is a mere conduit for the workings of the divine. If man is in a good mood, he creates divinely and also benefits in the process.

Random action or inspired action?

However, man can’t create single-handedly. The insights, impulses, bright ideas, inspiration that comes to his/her mind, that is divinity playing its role in co- creation. When a man acts on his/her impulses, ideas, or a spark of thought, that is divinity and man creating together. When a man goes on to act on inspired ideas, then man participates with divinity in the creation process.

That is how man is an instrument, following the inspiration, idea, nudge of the divine to act and give shape to idea in physical form.

A “Eureka!” moment is not mind’s creation; it is divine download to the mind. Great creations happen with divine downloads, it’s the universe and you creating together. So, follow your desires, impulses, inner nudge, persevere through twists and turns on your way as you act on them, as you fulfil your desires. You will find yourself breaking many established thoughts and barriers put by society, community, masses. Cut through them, follow your inspiration., live life, participate in life.

Creative processes or endeavours, whether emotional, mental, physical, can’t happen in darkness (ignorance), and isolation (seeing self as separate from other people). Humans need other humans in the creative process, to act out the inspiration, to give physical form to an idea. So, create good mood and allow inspiration to flow through for ease of living.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Listen to her podcast ‘Meditative Reflections-Dhayan’ on Spotify. Email: