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Yoga Meditation Outdoors in Lotus Position Image Credit: Getty Images

When we talk about the physical and spiritual self, there is a noted difference.

You like to do a lot for your physical self. But not much for your spiritual self.

For your physical body, you engage in physical exercise, but for your spiritual self, you don’t like to meditate or pray much every day. For your physical body, you practice mindful eating but for your spiritual self, you hardly practice fasting. For your physical self, you listen to music, bhajan, chants, but for your spiritual self, you hardly listen to your inner music. From your physical senses you speak, careful of what you are saying, often times neglecting, but for the spiritual self, you don’t like to observe silence.

You feel emotional all the time in your physical bodies but do not want to ‘let go’ of your emotions and thoughts for your spiritual self. You like to walk, keep the physical bodies going and breaking the inertia but you don’t like to sit still to connect to your inner energy.

What are you doing for your spiritual self?

You take so much care of physical self, why not for the spiritual self? This bias of yours creates the separation between you and your true self. Your true self is what you are, in your otherwise physical bodies, which is perishable.

When in competition (including driving), curse words come out easily, when in cooperation, blessings come out easily. Which one of you is the true you?

You are the spiritual self in this physical body. Bring out the spiritual self to live in cooperation with the physical self, not in contradiction.

The seed and fruit are one, till the fruit is cut and seed separated. Mother and child are one, till the child is delivered. Your spiritual self and physical self is one, until you cut the physical and spiritual.

You feel that living with the senses of what you can see, hear, taste, touch and smell is real and the non-physical (or spiritual) is not real. However, the opposite is true. Allow your spiritual self to guide your physical self.

Exiting from your meditation

A right meditative posture helps close off the electrical circuits of the body and allows energy and vibrations to build up and cycle through the body. Whether you know this or not, you still take all the precautions to sit correctly to start off with meditation. But how do you close your meditation?

Much of your separation — the physical from your spiritual self — starts right from this point, in an abrupt ending of your day’s meditation practice. You tend to get up quickly, open your eyes quickly, rush for daily activities, as if with meditation a chore is done, and you have registered your presence at the divine door and it is time to go back to the real, the more important. This is a farcical thought.

In rushing off, you are rapidly dismantling your vibratory state that you just built brick by brick. Closing off meditation is as important as you started it.

As you end your meditation, sit still and integrate what you experienced. Process it, reflect on it. Integrate and coalesce what you just invested in, through your time, mind, body, attention, focus, concentration. Post meditation is exactly the time when you reap the benefits of all that you put in. This is the time when your conscious and subconscious minds are exchanging information slowly but surely.

So, as you end the meditation, ‘gently’ open your eyes and ‘gently’ come back to your senses, your environment and ‘gently’ move the body to the minimal movement.

With body, your mind movement ought to be gentle as well. Post meditation, if your thoughts dart straight to: “I have to check my whatsapp/ twitter/Instagram, email or watch the news, you have broken your investment already, sadly without the profit.

If you are opening your eyes in the morning to your devices, news, you have already disconnected your spiritual and physical selves. Now, it will take double the time to integrate the mind and body if you choose to meditate. However, in following the morning abstinence, your both selves are ahead of the day’s game.

Hence, post meditation, remain quiet as long as you can (talking changes the vibratory state of the body). Avoid drinking or eating for the same reason. Do you notice that even morning braces up gently for the day and evening, for the night? When you wake up from sleep, you transition gradually to Beta brain wave state, from the Alpha. What is your rush in meditation then?

As the day proceeds, this meditative state will gradually wear off. This however, doesn’t mean you have to separate your physical and spiritual self. In doing so, meditation reduces to an isolated event. Bring your two selves back using breath and through stillness of mind and body to remain in the meditative state all day long. Day after day, till your physical self becomes spiritual and spiritual, physical, One.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach, Theta Healer and a sound therapist. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. She can be reached at: (one word).