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You create your life with choices/decisions you make. You zero down to those choice/s with the idea they will benefit you. Hence, you make a choice over the other(s) available. There is nothing wrong about the choices you make. All decisions/choices made ultimately is to your benefit, adding to your realisations.

Some choices can be a long winding path though. If you see your decisions as ‘mistake’ (something that didn’t serve you), you correct them and move to different choice(s) to obtain desired outcome(s). You adjust till you arrive at your harmonious balance point. And if it served you in the first instance, to a contended space, you learnt what works for you. Either way you grow.

These choices/decisions are taken daily, moment-to-moment, by way of thoughts, spoken words, actions and internal vibrational states.

Choice, No Choice?

Situations keep shifting and choices are likely to shift because each situation is unique in its unfolding based on the decision/choice made earlier. The next future choice rests on the past choices’ unfolding. If you picked up one segment of your life to see where you are standing in terms of choices you are presented with, you can trace it back, finding linkages to several past choices made within that thread. The foundations where you stand now, are old thus.

In the past, it may seem some situations didn’t offer a choice, like in the childhood. Consider them as choices of your Higher Consciousness to be in, to complete some learning. Once the learning is awakened to, learnt, situations re-arrange themselves. Rather, your perspective re-arranges; you may no longer be bothered by them, as your internal alignment rises above those situations/circumstances.

In some present situations too, it may ‘seem’ that choices are not available (read: the available choices are not good). The above principle still applies; the situation is trying to tell you something is yet to be learned. Once the learning is imbibed, gradually so, wider choices will start surfacing.

Subtle Changes First

While we see these gross manifestations of available choices, most often we miss the subtle aspect, that is, the internal state of being/vibration one is in, when one choice is taken over others. Check the internal state (contended or agitated, empowered or helpless) when a choice/ decision is being made.

When does one make empowered and harmonious choices? When one is in a harmonised internal state. Begin there, because that is the birthplace for quality manifestations. To harmonise, ‘choose’ to drop agitation, fear etc and view difficult situations or people as tough friends trying to prick open your eyes towards the incomplete learning.

Ultimately Realising

Don’t judge yourself or blame others with the choices you made or make, the present is always available to re-ignite a different choice and change your reality. Ultimately, the responsibility lies to the self. You can be the changer, the reformer, the creator of your circumstances. Or, feel tormented.

Whether I choose to take one job over the other, react in one way over the other, speak in one way, abide in one thought or carry one vibratory state over others available, I still make a choice. Choices made in awareness yields better than done in ‘sleep’ state.

Where does this all end? Into the fulsome void. Ultimately all states are available to be dissolved, all feelings are available to be dissolved, as realisations complete. The option of abiding into the fulsome nothingness exists, as learnings complete. We are all moving towards that fulsome void, whether consciously or unconsciously.

A wakeful journey, however, makes things interesting as opposed to sleep-walking where the adventure called life is missed.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: