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In meditation, when you sit with yourself and review your life; the good, the bad and the ugly will surface. It is a chance to unknot, or close the loops, deal with the inner chaos and progress in life.

Why do some people become irregular in meditation? Meditating every day is really a matter of choice. You may choose to opt out for this or that reason, important or not-so-important.

There are several factors for irregularity; negligence, ‘boredom’ in sitting for long hours (the mind conjures that time as a long duration), not seeing the benefits quickly (benefits are so subtle that it takes time to unravel) and the feeling that they are losing onto something else. Quietness in nature has to be brought, which comes through practice.

People begin to meditate when they become seekers (at that point or phase)... when emotions become too much to handle, or when they feel inspired. Seekers seek rest from the mayhem of the mind.

With the daily practice of meditation, benefits accrue. Know that the shift in energy is subtle at first. The practitioners become profiteers, in the sense that they profit in all that they do; in multiple ways and in multiple realms. Every decision that they take benefits them as the consciousness expands.

So, how can you be a regular practitioner? It is through the option of choice! You don’t have to weigh or judge things instantly. Trust (the process). Feel. A certain degree of discipline is helpful, but again, to be disciplined or not, is a matter of choice.

Some people experience frustration and anxiousness in the initial phases of practice. This happens because of the result of expectation. You sit with a certain outcome in mind and if that doesn’t happen, you get frustrated. It is best to allow the process to unfold itself.

So, what is the easiest way to practice? Sit. Relax. Do nothing. Watch your breath. Centre your mind. Come to the core. Watch your breath. Be with yourself. Start liking to be with yourself. You will start liking being with yourself more and more, as you continue to sit with yourself regularly.

Ending the Chaos Within

When you cut the chaos of the world and find shelter in your own world, you will find your own chaos. Now, you might ask: Wait, what?

Yes, you will deal with your own chaos. Many things will surface; what is unresolved and what needs to be closed. When you start reviewing your own life, the good, the bad and the ugly will sit with you. Face to face. What will you do? Talk. Talk to yourself. The review process is the difficult part and that is when most people do not want to carry forward with meditation! But, do not get perturbed by the inner chaos. That is also you. Love what you did good and find clarity and solution to what you didn’t. Answers will come. Inspiration for action will come.

During the review, many old memories, actions and remembrances will come forward. Loosen the knots — on where you worked from the space of arrogance and power. Close the loops — where you felt you were the victim.

When you review your life as full circle, without knots, without open ends and without frays, is when you know you are doing good. Because it feels good. Ego, a double -edged sword, could play the spoiler. It will try and resist any change in which you not the master but the servant, in the sense of being service to others. However, with enough meditative practice, ego melts too. You start enjoying being in service to others from a neutral space. And that is when life feels like a sparkle. Past the chaos, lies the peace.

— Urmila Rao is a chakra balancing meditation coach and a certified Theta healer-practitioner. She can be reached at milarao2018@gmail.com.