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With immunity being at the top of mind, it is important to incorporate it into our daily lives to improve our immunity. Yoga has the power to change and improve all the functions of the human body through effective removal of toxins, strengthening and rejuvenating of organs, balancing hormones, increasing blood flow etc. In addition to a few of the asanas mentioned below, deep breathing exercises also help improve bodily functions and calm the mind.

Some Yoga asanas (postures) for Immunity

1. Twisting poses

Twisting poses are one of the best group of asanas that work on the internal organs more than we can imagine. They help stretch all our organs from the throat to the pelvis, with a special focus on the digestive system and a very good practice to work on the Peyer’s patches in the small intestine.

2. Sitting side bends

Any sitting side bends will work on your Spleen along with many other organs, which play a major role in strengthening the immune system. Choose one depending on your level of flexibility.

3. Kapalbhati

This is a breathing practice, also called kriya, which means technique for cleansing. It has numerous benefits, mainly cleaning the respiratory system by expelling the dust particles, impurities, toxins, and other substances which are transferred to the lungs from the cells through the blood streams.

4. Nadi shodhana

One of the easiest and most powerful breathing practices in yoga, it balances the nervous system and thus the functioning of the organs. It provides the body with abundant amount of oxygen which is the primary fuel necessary for smooth functioning of all the systems.

5. Jalandhar bandha

Bandhas are neuromuscular locks which are created by force for a few seconds to clear the energy channels or Nadis in our body and balance the hormonal systems. Jalandhar bandha is done by pressing the chin to the neck while you hold the breath in. It can balance and improve the functioning of Thyroid, Parathyroid, and Pituitary glands. Practicing this can enhance the functioning of Tonsils and Adenoids which are a major part of the immune system in stopping the bacteria and viruses from entering the body.

6. Uddiyan bandha

Like the above, this is for the abdomen area. This is done by pulling the abdomen muscles in while you hold the breath out. This practice can support the immune system by balancing the energy channels in the stomach area and thus the functioning of the Peyer’s patches.

So while we all agree that these are some of our most testing times, the optimists in us can see that this can be an opportunity to work towards making our immunity our superpower with some dedication and consistency. And if you need that little push and someone to hold you accountable for your better health, head down to Trance Yoga.