In the world of beauty, cosmetic procedures and surgery, women have always made up the biggest chunk of customers.

However, more men than ever are interested in taking care of their looks and they don’t care about stigma surrounding masculinity and beauty.

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A report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed that more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men in 2019 in the US — 211,000 being surgical. According to the report, the most common surgical procedures include nose reshaping, eyelid surgery and liposuction.

“Besides the obvious reason of men wanting to improve their appearance, some men are going for plastic surgery procedures to look younger so that they can compete with their fellow friends,” said Nayri Estepanian, a beauty aesthetic adviser. “As time goes on, it is also becoming more socially acceptable for men to admit they want to look better and to do something about it.”

Nayri Estepanian

Estepanian, who recently launched, a platform that links people to doctors and products, adds: “Most women have always cared about how they look but today with social media men are keen to look better.”

The adviser talks to Gulf News about the most popular procedures and her take on plastic surgery trends...

What kind of backgrounds do men seeking procedures come from usually?

If we talk about the men in the Arab region, many do go for surgeries yet discretely due to cultural restrictions. Young men in their teens and 20s seek rhinoplasty to reduce a nasal hump or wide nostrils, and chin implants for a stronger, more masculine profile.

Men in their 30s and 40s ask for rhinoplasty as well, and neck liposuction or neck lifts and reduction of excess eyelid fat. For men in their 50, 60s and up, they usually need a more extensive face lift with eyelid surgery and they go for common procedures that improve the appearance of their body, as opposed to the face.


What advice do you have for men seeking cosmetic procedures?

My advice for men is to know how to take care of their skin at a young age; you can see the differences at an older age.

How much is too much when it comes to cosmetic procedures?

Personally, I think doing a lot will make the person look older… and I do advise people to go for surgeries if they really need it or they need to fix certain areas.

10 most popular procedures among men, according to Estepanian
Hair transplant to look younger
Botox for the forehead to look less stressed
Botox to rejuvenate frown lines
Eye rejuvenation to look less tired and more fresh
Jawline and chin enhancement to look more masculine
High definition liposuction to have a defined and masculine body
Genital plastic surgery
Laser hair removal — alternative to traditional methods like shaving or waxing
Kybella to lessen the look of a double chin
Dermal fillers can help men have a smoother, fuller appearance.

So what to doctors in Dubai have to say about current trends for men?

Dr Jaffer Khan, founder and plastic surgeon at The Nova Clinic and Aesthetics International

Dr Jaffer Khan Image-1596108989316

When did you start seeing a rise in men seeking cosmetic procedures?

In my opinion, I think this is something that has been around for many years and perhaps we are seeing more people now because of social media influence and even a lot of the wives are bringing their husbands in for treatments. However, I don’t think that this is something that is only a recent phenomenon.

What kind of backgrounds do these men come from?

Generally, men seeking cosmetic surgery are those from more affluent backgrounds and one of the most common procedures is hair transplant. After this, rhinoplasties, liposuctions and gynecomastia or reduction of the male chest are very common procedures for men to do.

Age ranges are anywhere from 25 up until 50 years of age and sometimes older, but this would be the average. I think more and more it is the younger generation of men who are more informed due to the social media platforms, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

Do you think there is a stigma around men seeking cosmetic procedures?

I don’t think there has ever been a stigma. Perhaps men have simply just not been as aware as the women of what is available and at times are busy and have other priorities rather than aesthetic enhancements. With equality, there should be no stigma for men and it should be much the same as it is for females.


In your opinion, what are the top procedures that are popular for men?

Nowadays, more and more men are opting for non-surgical treatments such as Botox and fillers. However, another procedure which men are often interested in is eyelids surgery particularly for fat pads on the lower eyelids and excess upper eyelids skin.

What advice do you have for people seeking cosmetic/surgical procedures?

My advice would be that if something bothers you and it is affordable, safe, and you have understood the risks, and you feel that this particular aesthetic enhancement would give you an increased self-esteem... then I see no reason why not to do it. In this case, you should actually have a few consultations with people who you feel comfortable with and then make your choice as an informed decision.

Dr Jamil Al Jamali, consultant plastic surgery and expert in aesthetic dermatology at Medcare

Jamil Al Jamali-1596108994307

When did you start seeing a rise in men seeking cosmetic procedures?

In the last 10 years there has been an increase in cosmetic surgery. High definition liposuction has become very popular to give the body a cleared sculptured view of six pack. For older men most common procedures are brow lift, face lift which has become very popular especially for men over 50 years.

What kind of backgrounds do these men come from? What is the average age range of the men?

Business men, actors, people who are in front of the camera and need to look good. Age wise it is young men until 50-60 years old.

NAT_190509 PLASTIC SURGERY-1557398169349
Close up of a plastic surgeon marking the human skin for surgery. Image Credit: Getty Images

Do you think there is a stigma around men seeking cosmetic procedures?

Not really, as cosmetic surgery has become a fashion and many well-known men do these procedures to look and feel better. Men want to improve their appearance and increase their self-esteem.

What advice do you have for those seeking cosmetic/surgical procedures?

Education is very important. All men should read about plastic surgery procedures to know what is the latest used machines etc. Also, they must understand that need for such surgeries are more appearance related and not medical.

Most common mistakes you see when people pick a surgeon/aesthetician?

This is a very important point. The most important thing is the years of experience and also the country of training, previous experience with such operations. Also, doing the surgery in a facility that can provide you with a safe environment. Seeing before and after pictures on social media is not enough. You need to go and see the surgeon and read about him and his review.

Dr Umesh Nihalani, specialist dermatologist at Dubai London Clinic

Dr Umesh-1596108991871

In your opinion, what are the top procedures that are popular with men?

Male breast reduction surgery (when there is enlargement of the male breast gland, athletes who take hormones, those who are overweight). Most men are embarrassed about their breasts, they don’t go to the beach, pool etc.

Another type of surgery is high definition liposuction, which is also called body sculpturing using the most recent vaser liposuction techniques, which can give the body a very nice appearance especially around the trunk and breast area. This procedure has become very popular during the last five years.

When did you start seeing a rise in men seeking cosmetic procedures?

To be honest, it is not really a new thing. For around six to seven years, I have seen a rise in male patients seeking cosmetic procedures. I think the popularity has increased through various beard shapes which are trending. Men started getting laser hair removal done to avoid frequent visits to the barber. Due to this, they contact experts for cosmetic procedures.

What kind of backgrounds do these men come from?

I think men from all backgrounds are conscious about their looks and appearance. Especially men working in the hospitality and fitness industry. More men seek treatments in their 40s, but we definitely see younger male patients such as weightlifters and teachers who get dynamic [wrinkle] lines in their early ages. Recently, I have also seen young boys are very much conscious about their acne.


Do you think there is a stigma around men seeking such procedures?

No, I don’t think there is any more stigma around men seeking such procedures.

What advice do you have for those seeking cosmetic procedures?

Here I want to send the message that aesthetic treatments for men and women are completely different. Planning cosmetic dermatological procedures is a multilevel approach. Experts will plan at which level of your skin, the treatment is targeted. There are many tailored treatments that can give men a good masculine look and enhance their features. It is well established that men and women have different requirements to enhance the youthful look. Mild to moderate changes in the technique can address the purpose.

My advice for everyone who is undergoing any similar treatments is that smoking reduces the effect of all these procedures. So please quit smoking for long, youthful looks. Second is drinking plenty of water, which we usually neglect in our busy lives. Consult your nearest expert for daily care regimes, which are equally important to complement cosmetic procedures.

In your opinion, what are the top procedures that are popular with men?

In my practice I see beard shaping as one of the most common procedures with men. Laser beard shaping reduces your visits to the barber shop, and it maintains a well-groomed beard shape. However, it only works on dark hair. So please get it done before your hair turns white.

Other procedures like Botox and fillers are getting popular in men as well.

Hair restoration is also a trend. A good hair transplant can give one a good boost in confidence levels. But in the near future many alternative, less invasive hair restoration treatments are expected.

Even other procedures, like chemical peels and lasers for general rejuvenation are in demand as well. We have seen male patients asking for regular facials too.