As a life coach and cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, I get asked this question a lot by people seeking my help: What am I supposed to be doing in life?

The question comes in many forms: Am I in the right job? Should I be staying in this relationship? Am I supposed to move elsewhere? Life can be overwhelming, no wonder a lot of people doubt whether they are doing the right thing.

Most people drift through their days, often forgetting why they are doing what they are doing in the first place.

They ask themselves, “What am I doing here? What makes this life worth it?”

You could be feeling this way right now; going through your day in an almost mechanical process and weighed down by the depressing mindset that goes with it. You may be clocking in and out of work and thinking it’s just another day until payday. Or a stay-at-home parent who can’t wait to put the children in bed so you’ll finally have time to unwind from all the household chores. When you feel stuck in everyday obligations, don’t lose the plot. Why are you working this hard? The answer is your purpose.

“He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW,” German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was quoted as saying.

That is the power of purpose. Having a sense of purpose can carry you through changes and transitions in life—the good, the bad, almost anything!

Have a sense of purpose

Wouldn’t you like to wake up excited to get out of bed each morning and start seeing the beauty in the world again? Have a sense of purpose. Life becomes a whole new experience when you understand what guides you.

Having a clear direction in life also has health benefits and may even let you live longer! According to a recent study published in Psychological Science, having a sense of purpose not only contributes to healthy ageing but may also prevent early death.

According to that research, the notion of living a life of purpose and setting goals that direct your day-to-day activities are clearly beneficial to your overall health. People who have a sense of direction in life tend to be physically and mentally healthy. So embrace a purposeful life.

How to live a life of purpose

Start by being clear on who you are and what you want. Then, create a list of your values, your strengths and your passions and figure out how to combine these to support your goals in life.

Take steps to control your circumstances. Would you like to have more relaxation time? Improve your career?  Have a stronger relationship? Set a timetable for each goal, then break down your day into manageable tasks that lead up to that one big goal. Pick those that contribute to moulding a better, purposeful you.

Do something that matters. Life becomes more meaningful when you direct your time and effort into doing things that not only impact your life positively, but the people around you.

Don’t forget to shrink your to-do list to make time for things, activities or people you find enjoyable. Life should be about doing the things you love and finding reasons to love about the things you need to do anyway.

Have confidence in your skills, in yourself and the decisions you are making. Every day is a learning experience. Move forward with positive thinking. Believe that you are in control.

Learn to appreciate what life brings you. Being grateful gives you renewed desire for life and gives you faith to look at the bigger picture. It also keeps you thinking positively about how you can work around roadblocks, instead of feeling defeated by every storm that comes your way.

Learn to share. When you are able to contribute to other people’s causes, you are setting off a chain of positivity that not only benefits others, but also yourself. Giving can give you a fulfilling sense of purpose.

And don’t forget to take care of your health. How will you be able to accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself if you’re not well enough to do them?

So start truly enjoying your life now and have more energy to enjoy the life you have built for yourself. Remember: We only have one life to live. Have one worth living.