Loose-fitting pieces from Dolce&Gabbana, Valentino and Max Maxa Image Credit: Supplied

From Valentino and Burberry to Chanel and Louis Vuitton, this season’s runway shows saw silhouettes for men and women take on an exaggerated and oversized shape. Oversized clothing combines comfort and style with loose-fitting pieces that will stylishly drape on the body. But how do you ensure this casual style looks smart rather than sloppy? There are a few points to consider before experimenting with this trend. With that in mind, we discover new ways to style oversized clothing so that it’s comfortable, stylish and smart, all at the same time.

Belt It Up

Adding a belt to oversized garments is a great way to smarten up the look. Nip in the waist with a thin or wide belt that accentuates your shape. Whether it’s a loose-fitting dress or a wide-cut shirt, a belt will add structure to your silhouette but keep the oversized feel of your look. For men, belt baggy jeans at the waist to accentuate the silhouette.

Buy Oversized, Not Big

There is a fine line between oversized and too big. Yes, a very fine line. When buying oversized styles stick to your usual sizing and ensure the pieces fit well in key areas such as the shoulders and waist, as well as making sure that the length is appropriate. If your clothes fit in the right places an oversized sleeve, leg or body won’t look too big, but instead will look stylish, as it was intended.

Louis Vuitton Image Credit: Supplied

Add Balance

If you are a newcomer to the oversized trend, it’s important not to go overboard. Balance out oversized pieces with skinny-fit garments. For example, a wide-fitted shirt can be paired perfectly with skinny jeans, while baggy trousers would be well-suited with a tight-fitted T-shirt. It’s all about balance and experimenting with this style taking one step at a time.

Brunello Cucinelli Image Credit: Supplied

Embrace the Nineties Revival

The oversized trend comes hand in hand with the current nineties fashion revival. Just in case ou did not notice, nineties style is back for both men and women. From wide-leg jeans to baggy T-shirts to loose-fitting suits, the nineties are here to stay, so sit back and embrace it.

Top picks

Here are some of the main pieces you can choose from while adopting the oversized clothing style.


Post Covid related quarantine, are you finding it difficult to give up your track pants or lounge wear? Look for puddle pants or loose fit trousers that are not only a bit too big for you but perhaps too long as well. And if you think you might be the only one wearing them, check out the Instagram feeds of stars like Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Emily Ratajkowski.


A flowing shape that is relaxed around the waist area and looks great on a plus size too, these dresses are made for a bohemian summer look. Add a strappy sandal or even a pair of sneakers for a vacation look.


Whether it’s an oversized overcoat, the big puffer coat or a casual denim jacket, these voluminous jackets have become the mainstay of the oversized fashion trend. You can either team them with skinny jeans and leather boots for a chic look or even with loose fit jeans or palazzo style pants for that extra comfortable look. Remember, more is better.

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