Mother and baby classes are available in a wide variety of forms in the capital Image Credit: Supplied

Those with kids will understand – if you’ve just had a baby, once you’ve worked out which end is up and deciphered night from day after those first foggy weeks, that point will come where you will want, nay – need to seek the company of other likeminded and similarly baby-brain-addled adults.

Thankfully, these days Abu Dhabi has a great range of options for not only rescuing you from your own four walls and keeping junior entertained, but also simultaneously influencing his or her development in the most positive way. Now that’s a win for everyone.  

Here are 10 of the best parent and baby classes in the capital:

1. Baby Sensory

Baby Sensory is a multi-award winning programme for babies 0–13 months that stimulates the senses and helps promote baby’s development through the use of a variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, singing and massage. With different themes every week, all activities aid physical and social development along with coordination, concentration and even language skills.

Location Kool Kidz, World Trade Centre Abu Dhabi Cost Dhs80 per class when term booked in advance, Dhs100 per drop in Timings Tuesdays, 10am for 7-13month olds, 11.15am for 0-6 month olds. From September 2015 a 12.30pm class for 0-13 month olds will also be added Phone 055 112 6895 Email abudhabi@babysensory.com Website Baby Sensory

2. Kindermusik

Experts in child development research agree that music is much more than just fun – it helps brain cells make the required connections for every type of intelligence. Kindermusik, based on this premise, offers fun and interactive music and movement classes for babies and toddlers aged 0 months-five years that help develop social, creative, physical and communication skills whilst also emphasising touch, smell, movement and play.

Location Main locations are Bodytree Studio and Zayed Sports City Tennis Majlis with other locations on demand Cost is according to term length which varies by course and includes class materials for home use Timings vary according to location and term Phone 050 825 4596 Email kindermusik.with.silvia.and.friends@hotmail.com Website Kindermusik

3. Ballet Bumps

A workout for mums with baby in tow! Mums to be from 12 weeks and mums with babies between two and seven weeks with a baby carrier are all welcome at this unique class blending ballet moves, gentle aerobics, Pilates and toning exercises together.

Location Bodytree Studio, Al Karamah Price Dhs75 per class Timings Sundays, 10.15am (classes resume after summer in September) Phone 02 443 4448 Email info@bodytreestudio.com  Website Ballet Bumps

4. Mummy and baby yoga

For mums with babies who aren’t yet mobile, specially adapted yoga poses for the post-natal body focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, realigning the pelvis and spine and rebuilding core strength at the same time as incorporating gentle stretching for baby.

Location Bodytree Studio, Al Karamah Cost Dhs70 per class (until July 7, then resumes in September) Timings Thursdays, 11.15am Phone 02 443 4448 Email info@bodytreestudio.com Website Mummy & baby yoga

5. Sing and Sign

Encouraging communication before baby is able to speak by extending a baby’s natural ability to gesture at an early age, Sing and Sign teaches British Sign Language to 0-24 month olds through the use of pictures, songs and props.

Locations Stepping Stones Nurseries at Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi Gate City, Khalifa City and from September 2015, East Corniche Cost Dhs80 per class Timings All classes run during term time. Additional introductory classes during holidays may be announced. Babies 0-6 months Sunday, Monday and Wednesdays, 8:30am Abu Dhabi Gate City, KCA, and Al Bateen respectively. 6 months plus, Sunday, Monday and Wednesdays, 9:30am at Abu Dhabi Gate City, KCA and Al Bateen respectively.  Phone 055 1784 376 Email Caroline.singandsign@gmail.com Website Sing and sign

6. Mom’s First School

A four-week course for babies aged from newborn to one year old covering valuable techniques to help strengthen muscles in preparation for crawling and walking, improve coordination and symmetrical muscle development. The course includes infant massage, baby gymnastics and an introduction to swimming.

Location Intercontinental Abu Dhabi Cost Dhs500 per four-week course Timings Four-week courses run at 9am, Fridays and Sundays Phone 050 414 5903 Email grasellk@gmail.com Website Mom's First School

7. Music Monkeys

Music Monkeys focuses on stimulating babies brains through music by introducing kids to songs and rhymes with the use of musical instruments, actions and props including mirrors, light wands, colourful balls and more to stimulate gross and fine motor skills. Classes available for different age groups from three months up to four years old.

Location Al Reef, The Dome, Happynest Playhouse Al Raha, St. Andrew’s Church, Caboodle at The Galleria Al Maryah Island and Mosaic Nursery Reem Island Cost starting from Dhs45 per class Timings various - classes run every weekday, enquire for latest information Email contact@musicmonkeys.ae Website Music Monkeys

8. Baby Sign Fun Time

A renowned programme that teaches real American Sign Language through the use of song, flash cards and more. Baby Sign Fun Time gives babies aged 0-three the signs they need to communicate their wants and needs and also has a huge variety of resources available to support the programme and for home use.

Location Al Reef, Abu Dhabi Cost Dhs180 for four classes, the first set of four classes is Dhs135 Timings Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 9am and Saturday at 3pm Phone 056 483 8043 Email soma@signingtimeacademy.com Website Baby sign fun time

9. Aqua Baby

Building water familiarisation and confidence, Aqua baby provides a fun and sociable environment to bond with your baby in the water through a mix of songs, activities and games. The classes also serve as a forum for parents to explore ask questions and learn to feel more confident around the water with their kids. Aqua Baby classes are divided into age ranges for babies aged 6-12months and 16-30 months.

Location Abu Dhabi Golf Club, Abu Dhabi City Golf Club, Al Reef (residents only), coming soon at The Westin Golf Resort and Spa  Cost Dhs1040 per term for non-members, ADGC members Dhs854, ADCGC members Dhs832, Al Reef Dhs715 Timings various, dependent on location and age group Phone 050 442 1470 Email maria@advantagesportsuae.com  Website Aqua Baby

10. Top Tots

Top Tots is specially designed for kids from six weeks to four years and looks at all aspects of a child’s development ensuring they are exposed to age appropriate activities. Classes involve free play, creative and messy play, tactile experiences, tailored activity boxes and even clean up time to encourage kids to become responsible for cleaning up their own toys.

Location Al Reef, Raha Gardens, St. Andrews Church Price Dhs80 Timings vary by location, call for latest information Phone 055 154 3284 Email toptotsabudhabi@gmail.com Website Top Tots