How do I apply for it?

You need to pre-register with any of the Eida-accredited typing centres across the UAE ( with your original passport and visa page. There are over 100 centres across the UAE.

List of Emirates ID Centres

List of Service Centres

How much do I pay for the card?

Expatriate residents pay Dh100 for every year of visa validity, while Emiratis pay Dh100, valid for five years. Typing centres are authorised to charge Dh70 for services, including typing, courier and other miscellaneous charges. If your visa is valid for three years, the total fee is Dh370.

What shall I do if I am charged extra?

Report the matter on 600 523432.

I don't want to go to a typing centre. Can I fill up my form online?

No. First-time applicants must pre-register by filling up the electronic form through typing centres accredited by Eida. Bring the receipt from the typing centre along with your original passport to the registration centre.

I have a National ID card, but it's about to expire...

Get it renewed at any Eida centre. Don't forget to take along your passport and the ID card. There's no need to go to a typing centre for renewing a National ID card.

Do we have to take our children along to register at the typing centre?

No. Just bring their original passport and two passport-size photographs (with light blue background). However, the child must visit the registration centre in person to finalise ID registration procedures (picture taking and fingerprinting).

I'm wearing contact lenses and a hand henna. Is that OK during registration?

Coloured contact lenses and hand henna are not allowed at the time of registration.

How much do I pay for each child for an ID?

Registration fees for children below 15 (all nationalities) is Dh70 in addition to Dh70 as service fees.

What documents do I need to bring to the typing centre?

Expatriates must bring original passport, including residence visa. Emiratis need to bring their original passport, Original Family Book and Parent's Family Book

After pre-registration, how will I know when to go to a registration centre to have my fingerprints and pictures taken?

You will receive an SMS stating the date and time when your photograph and fingerprints will be taken and at which Eida centre.

How long does it take to register and to get the card?

The fingerprinting and picture-taking takes about six minutes. You get the card by courier within one month.

Besides utilities and immigration centres, where else do we use the National ID card?

Courts require the National ID card for transactions. Under Federal Decree No. 9 (of 2006), all agencies are required to accept the National ID card as proof of customer's identity when providing services. The law also requires government and private entities to encourage their employees to register with the UAE population register.

Is the National ID number the same as card number?

No. The ID number is 15-digits separated by three dashes (-). The ID number links every individual to his/her personal and biological lifetime data and serves as a reference for the respective individual in his/her identity-proved transactions with government bodies and some private organisations. It is expected that the ID card would later replace all currently applicable identification means such as labour card, health card, driving licence, etc.

The card number, on the other hand, has nine digits.

For more information, or help, please contact Emirates ID on 6005 30003 .