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Kids these days lack physical and mental energy and unfortunately these cannot be bought in any supermarket. A huge factor that has contributed to the attrition in physical stamina is the time spent indoors with electronic devices, which we as parents gift them even before they were requested. Mental energy the combination of focus and perseverance has also got a beating thanks to the instant gratification and addiction on various gaming and social media sites.

A sixteen year old boy who came to me was suffering from complete lack of motivation. As a coach I provide my clients with tools and techniques to overcome their struggles but it is up to them to use it – and most times it helps if the parents participate. Most parents want a success-ready, goal-focused and self-motivated child delivered into their inbox at the click of a button. Most times this role modeling does not work.

To help your child gain self-motivation partner with him or her in a regular physical activity that helps you both to build stamina and really get those positive endorphins going. In times of stress you know that you can push yourself another hour and another if your work demands it. However, post the intense workout it leaves you breathless and haggard. How would it feel if you could have vast reservoirs of energy at every given time that the thought of stress is non-existent because you have the power within you at all times.

It sounds too good to be true but I have just had the most awesome experience where I learnt to activate my internal power and stretch myself way beyond what I thought was possible for myself and I will make it a practice. A recent event I attended helped participants to uncover their self-limiting hurdles, overcome them, and then discover and activate the power within using their physiology, the state of their body as it has a direct connection to their mind. No practice comes without hurdles and challenges, which eventually help us to get even stronger.

Children need to be trained to know how to stretch themselves physically and mentally by using their physiology to create their optimum state that will benefit them both on a physical and mental level.

Tiger Woods, one of the world’s best golfers, used visualisation to sharpen his mental ability to focus and trained physically to keep his body and mind in optimum state. Players such as these do not collapse on their sofas after a tournament. They are already ready for the next tournament.

You can help your child achieve optimum physical and mental state by taking an active interest in his or her being and staying focused and self motivated.

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— Sunaina Vohra is a certified Youth and Family Life Coach at Athena Life Coaching in Dubai. For more information log on to athenalifecoaching.com or call 056-1399033.