Al Rawdah
Image Credit: Supplied

A major factor driving change in our poultry farm, in particular, is the focus on keeping outstanding high levels that adhere to international standards and also the new technology. We at Emirates National Food implement and invest in the latest technology in order to keep our production clean, healthy and up to the international standards. We have achieved the main competitive advantage over the years by positioning Al Rawdah Farm as the biggest local poultry farm and manufacturing facility located in Dubai. This has made it possible for us to offer fresh, healthy and locally produced goods to consumers.

In the UAE we are very fortunate to be self-sufficient in fresh chicken, so when we import large quantities from countries with less cost of production it is stopping innovation and growth motivation for the local industry. Healthy competition is good, but there has to be a balance for keeping local farmers motivated to keep excelling in the industry. We do not use antibiotics or hormones on our birds in the UAE. This is why we produce healthy fresh meat products. We offer ourselves to constant surveillance as quality is our motto. The company distinguishes in producing fresh meat, and all ingredients are natural to the core. No steroids or antibiotics are used in the process to synergy chickens for vested commercial reasons. This is an exception of sorts in an era when genetically modified food products are all around; whereby health perquisites are largely compromised.

We keep developing our products portfolio by investing in innovation and market research in order to meet our consumer expectations and demand. As far as consumer perception is concerned, we always organise marketing campaigns to increase awareness that our products are freshly made in the UAE without any added hormones or antibiotics.

We have introduced the concept of E-number free range of products like sausages, chicken breast, chicken cubes etc (E numbers are number codes for food additives and are usually found on food labels throughout the European Union). According to our market study, these types of healthy products are considered a major trend in recent times and we are sure it will continue in the future within the UAE market. ENF has recently introduced its Fresh Organic whole chicken and chicken parts, which cater to the individuals who are focused on organic products. ENF is also proud to introduce a range of chilled organic processed products, such as organic mini mortadella, organic mini sausages and organic mini burger, which is one of the first of its kind in the UAE, and made from organic fresh chicken.