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For many individuals, the commencement of a new year is a moment for introspection and envisioning future aspirations. While New Year resolutions often face criticism for fostering impractical objectives, they can also serve as a valuable starting point to prioritise health and wellness on personalised terms. Rather than aiming for a drastic overhaul, consider incorporating gradual adjustments to cultivate habits that contribute to a positive self-image.

“The start of a new year offers a symbolic fresh slate, making it an ideal time to establish and reinforce habits that can set you up for the year ahead,” says Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, Founder of Actiph Water and Guinness World Record holder,

He advocates for embracing small, incremental changes to develop sustainable habits, coupled with realistic headline targets for the future.

Vanessa Lena Crasta, Founder of Curry Fit, underscores the importance of commencing the year positively. “Start with attainable goals, such as a 30-minute walk, jog, or swim three times a week,” advises Crasta. She suggests adding new, enjoyable goals each month to maintain a sustainable pace, keeping motivation high throughout the year.

Role of eating habits

Rawan Khammash, Head of Nutritionists at Kcal, emphasises the role of eating habits in kickstarting the new year. “Reflect on what worked and what didn’t last year, and put down your resolutions in a journal,” advises Khammash. She recommends flexibility in goal-setting, creating a supportive environment, and tracking progress with realistic timelines for lasting changes in nutrition and overall well-being.

In the new year, there is also a temptation to explore a new diet. Crasta cautions against this without understanding one’s body needs and suggests consulting professionals for personalised guidance. She encourages considering a meal plan subscription to alleviate meal planning stress, fostering consistency in health goals.

Khammash adds, “Set realistic health goals, enhance fibre intake, go for scheduled health screenings, lower cholesterol, boost protein, stick to a nutritious meal plan, elevate energy levels, manage stress, track sleep, and move more.” These goals contribute to holistic well-being and a healthier lifestyle.

Rewrite your skincare goals

The new year offers an opportunity to rewrite your skincare story, focusing not only on appearance but on self-care commitment. Dr Muneer Mohamed, Specialist Dermatology and Cosmetology at Aster Clinic, Al Muteena, Deira, emphasises the significance of wearing sunscreen daily. “When applied correctly, sunscreen protects your skin against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays,” says Dr Mohamed, preventing sunburn, skin cancer, and premature ageing.

He cautions against using too many products, especially multiple anti-ageing products, which can irritate the skin. Instead, he suggests concentrating on essentials like a gentle cleanser, sunscreen, and moisturiser. “Choose skincare products formulated for your skin type,” he adds. “Applying lip balm or lipstick with SPF before going outdoors and avoiding over-the-counter or online products without consulting certified dermatologists are also essential for healthy skin maintenance.”