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Research has found that there might be a direct link between a husband’s stress levels and his wife’s earnings. Apparently, a woman earning more than her male counterpart can be the cause of mental issues in a man. Gulf News readers discuss

A battle

Patriarchy is the reason

I have definitely seen this happen in some families but I have seen the sentiments change overtime. Being part of a patriarchal society, we need to make changes within ourselves to make a difference. We need to normalise women earning as much as men or more, especially as we work towards wage equality. I have seen women themselves referring to other women who work or earn more as not being good at their domestic duties or not taking care of their husbands well enough and having a certain salary due to neglecting their ‘household duties’. It all boils down to how sexist we are and this mind set stems from that. For men, we need them to set example for other husbands so that it further normalises it. They need to be comfortable being the primary caretakers of the house or even ready to be house-husbands. I do believe that this will take some time but we are on the way.

From Ms Refqah Istaitiyeh

Account Executive based in Dubai

Changing times

Current generation thinks differently

This particular issue is absurd to me, it is very difficult for me to comprehend how a wife’s earning can negatively impact her husband’s mental wellbeing. If anything, I believe it should have the opposite affect since a higher income means more financial security for the family. I do not believe that the current generation has this mentality. In the past. I guess when there was a stigma around women working, in those times perhaps this might have been the mentality of many people but I do not think this kind of mentality is prevalent in the current generation. In today’s world there is a lot of awareness when it comes to gender in-equality, men and women have ‘almost’ the same opportunities and resources, and it’s a norm for women to work. As a result, I believe it has changed people’s mentality a lot and I do not believe a wife earning more than the husband impacts him in anyway. As men, we have the responsibility to put an end to such notions.

From Mr Hashim Noor

Computer programmer based in Dubai

Joint effort

Don’t let your ego takeover

I think culture has a big role to play. I belong to an Indian background and I see it happen around me. Some men get their egos hurt if they see women progressing beyond what they thought was possible. Even some who say they support their wives only want them to progress enough to stay ‘beneath’ them.

It all depends on how we perceive things. And, how healthy the relationship has been from day one. The couple becomes economically strong shouldering and sharing each other’s burden and anxiety. You have more choices and options to plan, prepone, postpone things as per the needs. You can plan the future of your children extremely well with combined funds, good policies, and a one-thing-at-a-time attitude.

If the relationship is strained due to this, unknowingly children are dragged into it as well. Don’t let ego rule or take over! You have one life to live and in Dubai, two members of a family earning well should reduce stress for both partners, not increase it.

From Ms Anjum Hasan

Biology teacher based in Sharjah

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