Dubai Police supercars
Dubai Police fulfills student's dream of riding their supercars Image Credit: Supplied

For 11-year-old Rohith Menon, who spends times watching car assembly television shows and googling the latest models, getting a closer look at Dubai Police’s famous supercars was a dream – one that came true.

After making a vlog for his YouTube channel about Dubai Police’s supercars and pictures of them he had collected over the years he has lived in the UAE, the sixth grade student decided to request for a visit.

With the help of his mother, he emailed Dubai Police asking for permission to visit a Smart Police Station and get a closer look at some supercars.

“To our surprise, we got a reply and an invitation to visit the Smart Police Station at La Mer,” said Menon’s mother, Sreelakshmi Madathil Baburajan.

Rohith was welcomed at the Smart Police Station in La Mer where he got a closer look at various supercars Image Credit: Supplied

Dream come true

For Rohit, who has lived in the UAE for all his life, spotting Dubai Police cars and supercars on the roads was always an exciting moment and he has dreamt of getting a closer look ever since.

On August 5, excited, the duo headed to the location and Dubai Police officials greeted them.

“We were even half an hour late due to traffic and thought we would have missed our chance to meet them [Dubai Police] and see the supercars, but they were waiting for us. This shows how much they care for their people,” said Menon.

Approaching the location, Menon could not contain his excitement as a number of shiny Dubai Police supercars were parked, waiting for him to click pictures with and even vlog for his channel.

“I got to ride a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and it was a dream come true,” said Menon.

“He was super excited about his car ride with Dubai Police, he couldn't stop talking about it for days after the meeting,” said Baburajan, a software engineer who has been living in the UAE for 12 years.

"Hats Off to Dubai Police and Dubai Tourism Police Department for giving Rohith this opportunity. It will always be a moment to cherish forever," said Baburajan.

Talking about the meeting, Mashil Issa, a representative from the Department of Tourism Police said: “We received an email from Rohith and we arranged the meeting with him and his mother. We met them in La Mer and gave him a ride in one of the cars. He enjoyed and took pictures.”

Speaking about what made Dubai Police accept the request, Issa said: “He is a child who showed interest in Dubai Police’s supercars and we wanted to make his wish come true."