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As YouTube witnessed its biggest celebrity feud between two make-up artists, the Indian elections continued to dominate the week’s discussions. In Pakistan, high prices of basic commodities became a topic of debate, with government accounts taking to Twitter to address greivances.

1. Youtube feud goes off the charts

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A public feud between YouTube’s make-up celebrities Tati Westbrook and James Charles became the top trending topic on social media, after Westbrook posted a takedown video, severing ties with Charles, whom she had once mentored. As a result, Charles became YouTube’s latest villain, setting a record by losing one million followers in less than a day.

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2. Whatsapp hack

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A security flaw in Whatsapp enabled cyber attackers to infiltrate some devices, including Android and iPhones, and remotely install a spyware. UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) also urged users to update their app as a precaution.

3. ‘Modi-isms’ draw flak

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In an interview during the ongoing general elections in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi drew sharp criticism after he made unscientific claims, like his decision to give the go ahead for the Balakot strike despite a heavy cloud cover on the day, arguing that it would help Indian jets escape radar detection.

4. #JusticeForAimanZehra

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After a three-year-old girl was raped in Jammu and Kashmir, India, protests were held across the state with #JusticeForAimanZehra trending in India, as the accused tried to provide documents proving he was underage, so that he can receive a lenient sentence.

5. Pakistan Ramadan price hikes

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As tweeps In Pakistan raised the issue of a hike in prices of essential commodities during Ramadan, the government released a price card with the maximum retail prices for each commodity. While some social media users felt the card showed the disconnect the state had with the reality of the country, many others appreciated the moves taken by the government to curb price rise.